Defensive Passer Rating

Through Week 1 of the 2012 Regular Season

About Defensive Passer Rating. This indicator merely applies the formula used to measure passer rating to a team’s pass defense. Like all of our Quality Stats, which are based on efficiency, it has a much higher Correlation to Victory than volume stats, such as passing yards allowed. Most great teams throughout history have a very stingy Defensive Passer Rating, even if they surrendered a lot of passing yards. For example, the 2010 Super Bowl champion Packers and 2010 AFC champion Steelers finished Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, in Defensive Passer Rating. We've written numerous times about the historic importance of Defensive Passer Rating here on CHFF and here on over the years. We spoke about the importance of all three measures of passer rating at NFL Films in the summer of 2012. Bottom line: it's a killer measure of overall team success and always has been.


13   New England432967.442726.331182.70
22   Miami312064.522668.5810102.35
19   Minnesota392358.972606.672096.10
24   Jacksonville272074.0727010.0000105.48
31   Kansas City312374.192999.6530136.36
2   Houston362055.562196.080339.00
20   Indianapolis352160.003339.512198.87
23   Detroit251768.001987.9210105.08
27   Green Bay262076.922118.1220125.64
30   N.Y. Giants292275.8630710.5931129.53
32   New Orleans261973.0832012.3120139.90
7   N.Y. Jets321856.251956.093366.54
21   Oakland332472.732317.0010101.96
1   Philadelphia351234.291183.37045.12
29   Pittsburgh261973.082539.7320129.17
16   San Diego463269.572976.461094.20
15   San Francisco443068.183036.892193.28
10   Seattle362055.562155.971170.95
8   Los Angeles483266.673557.401369.36
6   Baltimore372259.462215.970165.26
11   Atlanta332163.642587.821272.54
12   Denver402255.002456.122179.69
5   Arizona341852.941534.501162.50
14   Tampa Bay332369.703039.181283.27
28   Cincinnati322371.8832910.2820125.65
4   Chicago452351.113096.871352.92
9   Washington522446.153396.523270.91
18   Carolina241666.671385.751095.49
25   Tennessee312374.192367.6120117.14
26   Buffalo271970.372669.8531123.38
17   Dallas322165.622136.661094.92
3   Cleveland562951.793175.662450.97

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