Offensive Passer Rating

Final Statistics for the 2010 Season

The BUCS ARE RISING! No surprise to see Tom Brady and the Patriots top the NFL in Offensive Passer Rating in 2010. After all, they posted a league-best 14-2 record while joining the short list of teams to score more than 500 points in a season (518).
It's also no surprise to see Super Bowl champ Green Bay and AFC champ Pittsburgh in the top 5. After all, the best teams in football are usually those teams that have the best, most efficient passers.

It's also no surprise to find the empty-suit Chargers No. 2 in Offensive Passer Rating. Philip Rivers has put up Hall of Fame efficiency numbers in San Diego, even as his team continues to fail to live up to the lofty standardsof its stats.
But there is one big Surprise in the Top 5: Tampa Bay, No. 4 in Offensive Passer Rating.
Few talk about Josh Freeman (yet) as one of the bright young quarterbacks in the NFL. But the Bucs finished No. 4 in OPR in 2010 behind his very impressive sophomore campaign: 25 TD, 6 INT and a 95.9 passer rating. Wow!
Those are quite impressive numbers for a guy who was just 22 years old last season. They're especially impressive for a guy who earned zero attention nationally for his incredible, coldly efficient performance. Consider that the Young QBs du Jour in the NFL, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan (both entering their fourth season) have yet to match the TD-INT ratio or passer rating that Freeman posted in 2010.

It all adds up to a very bright future for the upstart Bucs, who just missed the playoffs with a 10-6 record in 2010. Do NOT be surprised if Freeman starts generating national attention while leading Tampa to a playoff spot in 2011.
1   ∼ New England50733165.2940227.93375109.76
26  ↑ 1Miami55833660.2237526.72172075.50
30   ∼ Minnesota50530560.4033276.59142667.65
16   ∼ Jacksonville46929162.0533567.16262183.43
13  ↓ 8Kansas City47527457.6831896.7127890.06
8  ↑ 4Houston57436563.5943697.61241292.02
9  ↑ 2Indianapolis68045066.1847006.91331791.79
19   ∼ Detroit63338360.5140016.32261682.00
3   ∼ Green Bay54135265.0643558.05311398.93
15   ∼ N.Y. Giants53933962.8940027.42312585.28
10  ↓ 1New Orleans66145068.0846367.01332290.81
24  ↑ 4N.Y. Jets52528854.8634206.51201476.53
23  ↑ 3Oakland49328056.8034727.04181677.40
7  ↓ 3Philadelphia56134862.0342157.51281392.06
5  ↑ 3Pittsburgh47929862.2138908.1222995.25
2   ∼ San Diego54435965.9947468.723013101.85
21  ↑ 3San Francisco50028256.4036137.23191579.36
29   ∼ Seattle54432459.5635336.49142072.04
25  ↓ 2Los Angeles59035460.0035125.95181576.46
6   ∼ Baltimore49130862.7336297.39251093.64
11  ↑ 2Atlanta57736162.5637256.4628990.80
14   ∼ Denver58033457.5943067.42251286.75
31   ∼ Arizona56128550.8032645.82101960.49
4  ↑ 3Tampa Bay49430661.9435647.2126696.25
18   ∼ Cincinnati59036561.8639886.76262082.37
20  ↓ 3Chicago46627659.2333977.29232179.49
22  ↑ 3Washington60534957.6942617.04211977.99
32   ∼ Carolina48425652.8926355.4492156.96
17  ↑ 3Tennessee47427357.5932786.92241582.59
27  ↓ 6Buffalo51929657.0333636.48242175.16
12  ↓ 2Dallas57637965.8042087.31291990.39
28  ↓ 6Cleveland47829661.9232036.70131874.98

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