2013 Defensive Leaders
Season Stats
101.Andy Studebaker, LBIND821300100000000
102.Sam Acho, LBARI330319000010000
103.James Dockery, CBCAR430300000000000
104.Miles Burris, LBOAK521300000001000
105.Mike Catapano, DEKCC421316000000000
106.Chris Maragos, FSPHI930300000000000
107.Andre Fluellen, DEDET412300000000000
108.Crezdon Butler, CBSDC321300000010000
109.Antwan Barnes, LBNYJ2213220000000000
110.Jake Knott, LBPHI621300000000000
111.Quentin Groves, LBHOU4303213000000000
112.Kenny Demens, LBARI130300000000000
113.Ka'lial Glaud, LBTBB121300000000000
114.DeJon Gomes, DBDET730300000000000
115.Jeris Pendleton, DTIND221300000000000
116.Michael Buchanan, DLNEP11303215000000000
117.Margus Hunt, DECIN4123 0.54000000000
118.Isaako Aaitui, NTMIA112300000000000
119.Trenton Robinson, DBWAS721300200000000
120.Trevor Scott, DECHI221300000000000
121.Jonathan Freeny, LBMIA821300000000000
122.Duke Williams, SBUF521300000000000
123.Kwame Geathers, DESDC413400000000000
124.Ronald Talley, DETBB240400000000000
125.Sterling Moore, CBDAL4404003121000000
126.Josh Norman, CBCAR131400000000000
127.Chase Baker, DTMIN222400000000000
128.Ray Ray Armstrong, LBSTL840400000001000
129.Ryan Davis, DEJAX6404118118000000
130.Ron Brooks, CBBUF631400000000000
131.Eric Martin, LBCLE822400000000000
132.Jayson DiManche, LBCIN1022400000000000
133.Michael Mauti, LBMIN831400000000000
134.Casey Matthews, LBPHI1240400100001000
135.Justin Tuggle, LBHOU1031400000000000
136.Kyle Love, DTKCC113400000000000
137.Caesar Rayford, DEDAL423500000000000
138.Steven Means, DETBB532500000000000
139.Christo Bilukidi, DTCIN350519000000000
140.Stansly Maponga, DEATL523500000000000
141.Ellis Lankster, CBNYJ1041500000000000
142.Keyunta Dawson, LBNOS4325 0.53000010000
143.Demetrius McCray, CBJAX632500200000000
144.Desmond Bishop, LBARI341500000000000
145.Jamaal Westerman, LBCLE6325 0.54000000000
146.Mike Morgan, LBSEA832500000000000
147.Damion Square, DTPHI550500100000000
148.Tyvon Branch, SSOAK141512000000000
149.Damontre Moore, DENYG732500100000000
150.Henry Melton, DTDAL332500000001-100

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