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Remember in college they had something called the "freshman 15"? College freshmen could expect to pack on 15 pounds their first semester away from home, hitting the peace pipe a few times a week and then gorging themselves on pizza, soda, beer and nachos. (Our favorite freshman dish was the "chixwich." It was supposed to be some sort of fried chicken sandwich, but note that the actual word "chicken" is conveniently missing from the name.)
The 225 Club encounters a similar phenomenon each tailgate season: we call it the "football 50." It's the amount of weight we can pack on pounding down gameday favorites like venison chili, Angry's Hank's ribs and homemade donuts. Don't laugh. It has happened to us.
You might say the "football 50" is a sad commentary on our sedentary lifestyle. We think it's a glowing testament to the quality of our hot, tasty tailgate treats. Rest assured, there's no "chix" in our dishes. Just real meat and the occasional vegetable.
(LEGAL DISCLAIMER: By visiting this section and cooking our gameday favorites, you resolve to hold the Cold, Hard Football Facts, its writers, contributors, owners, producers, advisors, directors, hangers-on and resident random drunks blameless for any rapid weight gain you may encounter during this or any other football season from here into perpetuity.)

Philly cheesesteaks: straight from the source

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 5, 2009

We learned how to make Philly cheesesteaks from the guys who invented them at Pat's King of Steaks in South Philly.

Potato-chip crusted dolphin sandwiches

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 2, 2009

The perfect playoff tailgate dish, from Food Network star Guy Fieri and the gang at Scully's Tavern in Miami.

Joe Perry's rock-your-world tailgate recipes

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 13, 2008

Aerosmith rock god Joe Perry sells his own hot sauce and his a hard-core barbecue aficionado. We have some of his recipes.

Lee Roy Selmon's mama's meatloaf

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 28, 2008

After his Hall of Fame playing career, Lee Roy Selmon opened a restaurant chain that offers many of the homestyle favorites he grew up with in Oklahoma.

Talking tequila with Sammy Hagar

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 3, 2008

Our own Chief Troll recently got together with tequila-maker & rocker Sammy Hagar and grabbed his recipe for shrimp with tequila and lime.

Brined 'Steely McWings' hot wings

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 26, 2008

The Pittsburgh blogger behind "SteelyMcStupid" sent us this recipe for brined, grilled "Steely McWings" hot wings.

Jerk wings from hell

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 17, 2008

A tailgate-friendly classic from the new book by the dynamic grilling duo of Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby.

Squirrel casserole

Cold, Hard Football Facts for March 9, 2008

This recipe comes straight from "After the Hunt," a tribute to Louisiana culinary tradition and one of the greatest cookbooks we've ever come across.

Beef on weck: Buffalo's other tailgate specialty

Cold, Hard Football Facts for February 10, 2008

If all you know about Buffalo is its famous wings, you're missing out on one of America's great regional specialties: rare roast beef piled high on a kummelweck bun.

Southern California fish tacos

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 18, 2008

This Southern California specialty is popular at places like Wahoo's in and around San Diego.


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