Cold, Hard Football Facts Archive: Pigskin Detention

Here in Pigskin Detention, we have compiled all of your favorite smackdowns of the most idiotic writers, broadcasters and opinions in sports today.

Relive the classic moments in Pigskin Detention history: from the first time we called out Pete Prisco, to the moment his lily liver ran yella with fear of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, to the habitual assault on journalistic ethics that passed for a Ron Borges's football column, to our broad-daylight mugging of Skip Bayless in "A slow, hanging curveball" – the most lopsided rout on record since USMC vs. Saddam Hussein and the single greatest gridiron exposé in history. More recently, we've hung Mel Kiper's "expertise" out to dry, like a dirty jizz rag after a long overdue spin through the hot cycle.

But there's much, much more to be found here in the dank, dirty cells of Pigskin Detention, where the thin shell of credibility is torn open in our torture chambers of truth, revealing only the hollow bodies of baseless opinions.

Pigskin Detention: NFL faces popular uprising

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 24, 2010

NFL defenders managed to negotiate the entire Week 7 slate on Sunday without hitting offensive players hard enough to get fined by the NFL. However, that doesn’t mean this issue is fading away soon. Quite frankly, folks, the NFL has a popular uprising on its hand, and we got it covered from all angles.

Pigskin Detention: the big-hit double standard; plus, breaking news!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 21, 2010

Seems like the manufcatured "outrage" over HardHitGate will be an ongoing story throughout the 2010 season. Pigskin Detention will cover the story tightly ... well, at least until we draw a 15-yard penalty and a $75,000 fine for being a big old meanie.

Pigskin Detention: ESPN's delicate BrettFavre dance

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 12, 2010

Every American man 40 and under is intimately familiar with internet sensation Jenn Sterger's every nubile curve. But in the eyes of ESPN, she's an anonymous "former Jets employee" at the middle of the sexting controversy swirling around the worldwide leader's Chosen Son.

Pigskin Detention: passing the Hot Potato of ‘punditry’

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 6, 2010

Remember playing Hot Potato as a kid? Sure you do. It was Survivor for kids before reality TV. Hot Potato is also a good metaphor for the way the pigskin "pundits" pass around tired old storylines. Also: Trent Dilfer makes us physically ill, while Dick Stockton has one loooonnng memory.

Pigskin Detention: mess with the bull, Merril, you get the horns

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 24, 2010

Pigskin Detention: the tradition of overreacting to Week 1

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 15, 2010

ESPN drunk behind the wheel of the USC bandwagon

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 25, 2008

A CHFF classic from September 2008, perfectly valid here in September 2009, as completely overhyped USC loses once again to a second-rate opponent.

Monday Night Favreball reaches a new low

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 22, 2008

ESPN reached a new low during its latest Monday Night Favreball broadcast, angrily demanding that Jets coach Eric Mangini unleash the power of BrettFavre upon the Chargers, then watching as the idea blew up in their faces.

Where have you gone, Dandy Don?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 8, 2008

In the good old days of the MNF broadcast booth, Howard Cosell played the erudite East Coast intellectual and Don Meredith played good ol’ Joe Six-Pack. Last season, their roles were combined and miscast in the form of Tony Kornheiser, MNF's Joe Chardonnay.

Hu-Mel-iation! The 2008 mock-draft scorecard

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 29, 2008

If you took "Mel Kiper will nail 25 percent of his mock draft picks" and the over, you lost!


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