Shock Top! A beer to drink at the end of the world

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Aug 23, 2012

One of the benefits of being your friendly neighborhood Potentate of Pigskin and connoisseur of fine malted-barley beverages is that you get a steady stream of beers delivered to your front door almost every day.

Tragic, we know.

Most of these beers come surrounded by bubble wrap, packed tightly into styrofoam boxes or floating in a sea of those styrofoam peanuts. Some come jammed into a cardboard tube wide enough to hold a single bottle.

Cheap bastards.

But this package takes the keg: a bottle of the latest Shock Top from Anheuser-Busch, apparently meant to celebrate, or lament, the end of the world. That's a whole lot of packaging to deliver a single beer.

And, yes, the hammer up top came with it. Don't know about you, but when the Big One is about to drop, we'll need more than one beer.

Shock Top beer

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