New England Patriots Pass Defense On Pace For Worst In Team History

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Oct 15, 2012

Russell Wilson is the latest in a long line of ordinary quarterbacks to produce extraordinary performances against the Patriots and Bill Belichick's once-feared defense.

Wilson averaged 10.9 YPA, with 3 TD, 0 INT and a 133.7 passer rating in Seattle's 24-23 win over New England on Sunday.

He entered the game averaging 6.5 YPA with 5 TD, 6 INT and a 75.2 passer rating.

For a little perspective, Tom Brady has topped 10.9 YPA just 8 times in his prolific Hall of Fame career.

The Patriots now have a 100.9 Defensive Passer Rating. That's bad, for those of you keeping score at home.

Here are the worst DPR's in Patriots history, with the team's record:

2012 Patriots (1-2) – 100.9

1972 Patriots (3-11) – 92.2

1989 Patriots (5-11)91.6

1995 Patriots (6-10) – 91.4

1990 Patriots (1-15) – 89.9

Only seven teams in history, heading into this year, posted a Defensive Passer Rating of worse than 100.9. Those teams went a combined 13-90 (.126).

2008 Lions (0-16) – 110.9

2011 Vikings (3-13) – 107.6

1982 Oilers (1-8) – 107.3

2009 Lions (2-14) – 107.0

1984 Vikings (3-13) – 104.4

2011 Colts (2-14) – 103.9

1968 Falcons (2-12) – 101.3

Clearly, passer ratings are sky high this year. Seven teams are on pace through Week 6 to post Defensive Passer Ratings worse than 100. Just 12 teams have posted a DPR of 100 or worse in NFL history up through 2011.

Regardless, worst in franchise history is the worst in franchise history. And the failure to make a key stop on pass defense has haunted the Patriots in their losses to the Ravens and Seahawks this year, as well as in countless big games in recent years, including the team's last two Super Bowls.

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