Chip Kelly: The Dumbest Coach Of The 21st Century?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Oct 27, 2013

There have been worse starts to a professional career than what Chip Kelly has dealt with so far. Just look at what Gus Bradley has been dealing with in Jacksonville.

The only difference?

Well beside the win count, it's that the Jaguars are severely lacking talent, something the Eagles are overflowing with. 

For a team like the Eagles to continue to lose, it takes a little more than just a lack of offensive productivity. Obviously, something is going wrong behind the scenes. The guy calling the shots is screwing up.

That guy would be Chip Kelly.

After losing his second straight divisional game, questions are suddenly surrounding the college-turned-professional coach. His decision making has been anything but reasonable over the last few weeks, and his scheme hasn't really panned out since Septmember.

After getting a win over the Buccaneers, Chip Kelly admitted he changed the gameplan before facing Dallas, which proved to be a bone-headed move. There were plenty of ridiculous calls in that game, none more prolific than his decision to kick a 60-yard field goal with a young kicker who's career long was 48.

With the way Kelly has been coaching his team, it makes sense that Philadelphia hasn't scored a touchdown in two weeks, after averaging over 30 points per game earlier this season. 

On Sunday, when the Eagles faced New York, the play-calling didn't get any better. After Michael Vick went down, Kelly opted to go for it on fourth down on multiple occasions, with Matt Barkley at the helm. Most notably, on 4th-and-9, at the Eagles 30 yard line, Kelly attempted to get the first-down.

Obviously it failed miserably, and the fans let him have it.

He's been a mess this year, but we should have seen it coming.

In the draft, long before the season started, he selected Matt Barkley in the fourth-round. Not really a big deal, only because the QB fell so far. But looking back, the Eagles could have addressed literally any other position and it would've worked out better.

Chip Kelly

Now that Barkley has already seen playing time, he's likely to get his first NFL start next week against Oakland (assuming Foles and Vick remain sidelined). Barkley, like Foles, is not the type of QB Kelly needs to flourish, whether he would like to admit it or not. Kelly would have been smarter to stick with the likes of Dennis Dixon, because he can at least run the read-option, apparently one of Kelly's favorite plays. 

However, with the drama surrounding the quarterback position, it should at least bode well for LeSean McCoy, right? 


Since their last victory in Tampa Bay, McCoy has only touched the ball 32 times, averaging 16 carries per game. For comparison, when the Eagles were averaging 450 YPG, McCoy was touching the ball roughly 25 times per game. Clearly, if Kelly wants to win at all this year, McCoy is the key.

With all the problems Kelly has to fix on his long list, you have to wonder if he's thinking about the USC job.

Because with the way he's been coaching, it seems like he still thinks he's in college.

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