Aliens And Stuff! Frankie's Excellent Adventure

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 29, 2013

My fellow Mancatheletes and I are still making our way south to New Orleans. As of this writing, we’ve just crossed into Alabama.

This morning, we woke up in Salem, Virginia and had to pick up some supplies at Walmart before we could get back on the road and chew up some miles.

It was at this Walmart that Bill had a conversation with a woman that quite enthusiastically volunteered a story of how in her younger days she saw two aliens in their spacecrafts playing tag and could hear the creatures giggling to each other. Then she lamented the death of Senator Robert Byrd. 

I was going to say that this comment was from out of left field but after you lead with aliens, everything’s on the table.

She kept on talking to Bill, but as soon she broke eye contact with me I began to slink away from her, leaving Bill to endure her rantings without a shred of guilt. Better Bill than me.

So, we restocked the RV and hit the road. This was our travel day so, outside of Kerry doing a slew of telephone interviews we didn’t have a lot to report on.

One thing that did happen was around lunch time, Mikey says he wants to go a place called O’Charlie’s.  He was possessed about it. Apparently it’s a chain restaurant along the lines of Applebee’s or Shenanigans from the movie Waiting.  Mike’s going on and on about this Louisiana Steak entree they have there. He finds it on the GPS and actually calls ahead to make sure they’d be open when we got there and everything.   

We get off the interstate and head down a smaller highway in Morristown, Tennessee and begin to look for the place. Mikey’s fit for a straightjacket in anticipation of this steak and I’m thinking you can’t be serious, Dude.

 You’re taking us off the fastest route to our destination to chase down the equivalent of Riblets or something?  So we wind up thinking we missed the place and trying to double back only to find out we hadn’t missed it and turned around again and by the time we get there I’m starving and all bitchy frustrated.

But, believe it or not, that Goddamned steak was one of the best I ever had. Score one for Mikey. The guy came through huge just when I’d begun to lose faith. That’s what a champion does.

It also didn’t hurt a bit that O’Charlie’s had O’Jack Daniels and I walked out of there with a decent O’Buzz.

We got back on the road and we’ve been cruising ever since.  Talk to you guys tomorrow from N’Awlins!

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