Correlation to Victory

Through Week 7 of the 2013 Regular Season

About Correlation to Victory. Correlation to Victory measures how often teams win games when they win a given statistical battle in that game. The results of Correlation to Victory consistently show throughout history that team efficiency, specifically efficiency in the passing, is the key to winning and losing NFL games. Our proprietary Real Quarterback Rating has proven to be the most indicative stat in football. We introduced it in 2011 and over the past two years teams that won the Real QB Rating battle have gone an incredible 441-70 (.863) in the regular season, plus 18-4 (.818) in the postseason.


 Quality Stats 
Week 111-511-512-411-512-414-2
Week 210-612-413-313-312-413-3
Week 314-213-312-412-414-213-3
Week 414-114-111-410-514-114-1
Week 59-513-110-47-711-312-2
Week 611-412-39-69-613-214-1
Week 712-312-310-57-813-214-1
Regular Season81-2687-2077-3069-3889-1894-13


 Commonly Used Stats 
Week 19-711-58-8
Week 28-812-48-8
Week 311-510-69-7
Week 47-711-47-8
Week 54-1010-47-7
Week 68-79-63-12
Week 78-711-45-10
Regular Season55-5174-3347-60


 Commonly Used Stats 
Week 110-610-111-512-411-113-3
Week 29-77-48-810-66-611-5
Week 314-28-213-314-29-311-5
Week 412-311-212-212-310-011-4
Week 510-47-110-48-69-19-5
Week 67-811-213-29-510-211-4
Week 713-29-110-511-48-212-3
Regular Season75-3263-1377-2976-3063-1578-29

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