Quality Standings

Through Week 3 of the 2013 Regular Season

About our Quality Standings. These are complete NFL standings based solely upon each team's performance against what we call "Quality Opponents" – that is, against teams with winning records. Strip away the dead-weight detritus of games played against poor and mediocre opponents, and you get a much clearer picture of the true nature of a team. Our Quality Standings tell you which teams battle the iron of the league and which teams pad their records by beating up weak opponents.


1   New England1013.0010.00100%
1   Miami1024.0020.00100%
9   Minnesota0227.0032.500%
9   Jacksonville029.5036.500%
1   Kansas City1017.0016.00100%
6   Houston1119.5027.0050%
9   Indianapolis0120.0024.000%
9   Detroit000.000.000%
9   Green Bay0130.0034.000%
9   N.Y. Giants0227.0038.500%
9   New Orleans000.000.000%
9   N.Y. Jets0110.0013.000%
9   Oakland0219.0029.000%
9   Philadelphia0116.0026.000%
9   Pittsburgh0314.0025.330%
9   San Diego0222.5025.500%
9   San Francisco025.0028.000%
9   Seattle000.000.000%
9   Los Angeles017.0031.000%
6   Baltimore1128.5029.0050%
9   Atlanta0220.0025.000%
1   Denver1049.0027.00100%
6   Arizona1116.0026.0050%
9   Tampa Bay0311.3319.000%
9   Cincinnati0121.0024.000%
1   Chicago1024.0021.00100%
9   Washington0120.0027.000%
9   Carolina017.0012.000%
9   Tennessee0124.0030.000%
9   Buffalo0220.5025.000%
9   Dallas0116.0017.000%
9   Cleveland028.0018.500%

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