Through Week 1 of the 2013 Regular Season

About the Scoreability Index. Think of Scoreability as a way to quantify how well teams play in “situational football.” The Scoreability Index measures the team-wide ability to each team to turn yards into points. It is not merely an offensive indicator! It takes into account a variety of factors, including proficiency of defense and special teams, field position, red zone offense, and turnover differential, and then spits it all out in an easy-to-understand number. Teams that rank highly in Scoreability are typically smart, efficient, well-coached teams.

Scoreability = Offensive Yards/Total Points Scored = Yards Per Point Scored (YPPS). The lower the number, the more efficiently a team scores points.


25   New England4312318.74
5   Miami2752311.96
11   Minnesota3302413.75
32   Jacksonville178289.00
4   Kansas City2922810.43
16   Houston4493114.48
6   Indianapolis2742113.05
13   Detroit4693413.79
11   Green Bay3852813.75
20   N.Y. Giants4783115.42
24   New Orleans4192318.22
23   N.Y. Jets3041816.89
28   Oakland3721721.88
7   Philadelphia4433313.42
26   Pittsburgh194921.56
2   San Diego263289.39
17   San Francisco4943414.53
30   Seattle3701230.83
9   Los Angeles3662713.56
18   Baltimore3932714.56
27   Atlanta3671721.59
3   Denver5104910.41
22   Arizona3902416.25
19   Tampa Bay2501714.71
21   Cincinnati3402116.19
8   Chicago3232413.46
14   Washington3822714.15
31   Carolina253736.14
15   Tennessee2291614.31
10   Buffalo2862113.62
1   Dallas331369.19
29   Cleveland2911029.10

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