Defensive Real Quarterback Rating

Through Week 1 of the 2013 Regular Season

About Defensive Real Quarterback Rating. We introduced Real Quarterback Rating and Defensive Real Quarterback Rating before the 2011 season as a way to quantify all aspect of QB play. It’s been a TOTAL score behind your wildest dreams. Teams better in Real QB Rating in 2011 and 2012 went an incredible 441-70 (.863), proving that winning in the NFL is almost always about more efficient play at the QB position.

The current passer rating is just that, a measure of passing effectiveness. Real Defensive Quarterback Rating measures how opposing quarterbacks perform against a given team not just passing, but also rushing. It also takes into account fumbles, rushes, rushing yards and sack stats to produce a new kind of rating that measures an opposing quarterback’s overall performance with the ball, not just as a passer when he actually releases the ball (which is all that passer rating currently measures.

ATT(attempts) = pass attempts + rush attempts + plus sacks; ADV (advances) = completions + rush attempts. NetYds (net yards) = passing yards + rushing yards – yards lost on sacks. TDs (touchdowns) = TDs passing + TDs rushing by QBs. TOs (turnovers) = interceptions + fumbles by QBs. QBR (Quarterback Rating).


29   New England302117320106.67
2   Miami59262441340.50
22   Minnesota49343542195.11
16   Jacksonville40261952093.23
1   Kansas City51231230235.83
17   Houston32152014193.88
13   Indianapolis43323131282.80
3   Detroit35222371452.62
31   Green Bay483442630118.92
14   N.Y. Giants53382432185.65
15   New Orleans42262912188.49
5   N.Y. Jets35161851159.82
30   Oakland332418530116.35
10   Philadelphia57353322274.60
9   Pittsburgh26161200072.60
27   San Diego473432931103.95
24   San Francisco41233353197.10
23   Seattle29211571096.48
12   Los Angeles44263042276.33
32   Baltimore472944370132.36
28   Atlanta402934321104.48
6   Denver66343352263.64
26   Arizona402930021100.00
8   Tampa Bay49302611265.09
20   Cincinnati36242582194.44
19   Chicago36282792294.33
25   Washington37242343198.25
21   Carolina40303071194.48
4   Tennessee39221631253.69
7   Buffalo59332692264.87
18   Dallas47294364393.93
10   Cleveland47292581174.60

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