Predictive Rate of Victory

Through Week 11 of the 2013 Regular Season

About Predictive Rate of Victory. Predictive Rate of Victory measures how often a given indicator predicts victory, i.e., how often teams better in a given indicator beat their opponent that week. Please note Week 1 performance is measured by final year-end stats from the previous season. Also note that indicators such as the Relativity Index (REL) and our Quality Standings (QS) are not measured until two and three weeks into each season, respectively. Those are comparative stats based upon previous games that year, so we need those weeks before we can calculate those indicators. Our proprietary Relativity Index proved to have the highest Predictive Rate of Victory in football in 2011: teams better in that indicator went on to win 67.4% of all NFL games. You’ll notice that Predictive Rate of Victory grows stronger later in the year, as we develop a critical mass of data.


 Quality Stats 
Week 18-88-86-109-78-812-48-86-108-88-8
Week 25-119-75-115-1112-410-67-99-710-66-10
Week 312-413-312-410-65-118-87-99-712-414-2
Week 49-610-58-710-59-68-76-98-710-510-5
Week 55-96-88-66-87-76-88-66-85-96-8
Week 68-710-56-97-810-59-66-99-69-66-9
Week 77-88-711-411-49-69-68-77-88-77-8
Week 811-210-39-48-59-410-37-66-711-211-2
Week 911-29-410-36-76-76-79-49-47-611-2
Week 108-67-77-76-86-83-113-116-86-88-6
Week 119-69-68-79-69-68-78-79-69-610-5
Regular Season93-6999-6390-7287-7590-7289-7377-8584-7895-6797-65


 Quality Stats 
Week 110-69-78-80-00-010-68-810-69-711-56-108-8
Week 29-76-109-70-00-00-1610-69-79-75-117-910-6
Week 313-35-119-70-013-30-169-710-68-810-67-98-8
Week 49-611-45-107-87-89-69-69-65-1010-55-1010-5
Week 56-87-77-75-93-115-95-99-58-68-64-106-8
Week 612-39-67-88-710-511-413-29-610-59-69-610-5
Week 78-75-109-610-58-78-78-77-88-79-65-108-7
Week 89-49-49-412-111-29-48-59-410-39-46-79-4
Week 98-58-58-57-67-67-67-67-69-45-86-77-6
Week 108-64-106-84-107-76-86-87-710-47-74-107-7
Week 1110-59-68-710-511-49-610-510-510-58-77-89-6
Regular Season102-6082-8085-7763-5177-5374-8893-6996-6696-6691-7166-9692-70
Rate63.0%50.6%52.5%55.3% 59.23%45.7%57.4%59.3%59.3%56.2%40.7%56.8%


 Commonly Used Stats 
Week 19-711-510-610-65-86-1011-5
Week 212-410-69-79-75-412-410-5
Week 37-95-114-125-1110-48-811-5
Week 48-78-67-89-67-68-77-8
Week 58-67-76-89-56-76-87-7
Week 68-710-58-710-510-311-48-7
Week 75-108-712-39-68-76-97-8
Week 88-59-47-68-58-38-58-5
Week 95-89-411-26-78-56-75-8
Week 109-54-101-135-96-84-106-8
Week 119-68-79-69-66-87-86-9
Regular Season88-7489-7284-7889-7379-6382-8086-75

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