Offensive Passer Rating

Through Week 1 of the 2012 Regular Season

About Offensive Passer Rating. Offensive Passer Rating is merely the commonly used measure of quarterbacks, applied to the entire team, so it measures the performance of each quarterback on the roster. Passer rating is often criticized by ignorant football "analysts" for being overly complex. But its usefulness as a measure of team success is truly underappreciated in the football community. Passer Rating has a much higher Correlation to Victory than volume stats, such as passing yards. Almost all great teams in history were very strong in Offensive Passer Rating, Defensive Passer Rating or Passer Rating Differential. The Cold, Hard Football Facts have issued countless studies of the importance of those stats, each of them critical Quality Stats, including here on in the summer of 2011. We spoke about the importance of all three measures of passer rating at NFL Films in the summer of 2012.


8   New England312374.192367.6120117.14
31   Miami362055.562196.080339.00
9   Minnesota272074.0727010.0000105.48
14   Jacksonville392358.972606.672096.10
22   Kansas City332163.642587.821272.54
11   Houston312064.522668.5810102.35
29   Indianapolis452351.113096.871352.92
25   Detroit483266.673557.401369.36
18   Green Bay443068.183036.892193.28
16   N.Y. Giants322165.622136.661094.92
24   New Orleans522446.153396.523270.91
7   N.Y. Jets271970.372669.8531123.38
17   Oakland463269.572976.461094.20
30   Philadelphia562951.793175.662450.97
21   Pittsburgh402255.002456.122179.69
12   San Diego332472.732317.0010101.96
6   San Francisco262076.922118.1220125.64
28   Seattle341852.941534.501162.50
10   Los Angeles251768.001987.9210105.08
5   Baltimore322371.8832910.2820125.65
2   Atlanta312374.192999.6530136.36
4   Denver261973.082539.7320129.17
23   Arizona362055.562155.971170.95
15   Tampa Bay241666.671385.751095.49
27   Cincinnati372259.462215.970165.26
13   Chicago352160.003339.512198.87
1   Washington261973.0832012.3120139.90
19   Carolina332369.703039.181283.27
20   Tennessee432967.442726.331182.70
26   Buffalo321856.251956.093366.54
3   Dallas292275.8630710.5931129.53
32   Cleveland351234.291183.37045.12

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