Through Week 1 of the 2011 Regular Season

The Scoreability Index measures the team-wide ability to each team to turn yards into points. It is not merely an offensive indicator! It takes into account a variety of factors, including proficiency of defense and special teams, field position, red zone offense, and turnover differential, and then spits it all out in an easy-to-understand number. Other measures of offense, and offensive efficiency, look at the offensive unit in a vacuum. We do not care how a unit plays in a fantasy-football vacuum because in real football games teams do not play in a vacuum. The scoreboard does not care how teams score, only that they do.
Scoreability = Offensive Yards/Total Points Scored = Yards Per Point Scored (YPPS). The lower the number, the more efficiently a team scores points.

Week 1 Scoreability Overview
The Packers scored more points than anybody in Week 1 (42). And the Patriots racked up more yards than anybody in Week 1 (2.6 gazillion).

But nobody scored more efficiently than your San Francisco 49ers. They parlayed a meager 209 yards into 33 points, an incredible average of just 6.3 Yards Per Point Scored. For the sake of comparison, the Patriots needed 622 yards, nearly three times as many, simply to score an additional 5 points, a ho-hum 16.4 Yards Per Point Scored.

Naturally, Ted Ginn Jr. played a huge role in San Francisco's big day. He returned both punt and a kickoff for touchdowns late in his team's big 33-17 victory over Seattle.

Like we always say, the scoreboard doesn't care how the points get on the board, only that they do. And special teams points always have a huge impact on the game, with none of the pesky yards of offense getting in the way.

In the case of the Patriots, the lack of efficiency takes something away from their overall performance. Put most simply, they should have scored a lot more points with all those yards, including an amazing 8.8 yards per play, a frightening number. The 2007 Patriots and 2010 Patriots were the most efficient teams we've seen since we began tracking Scoreability in 2004. So this organization has a great track record of getting their most out of their production. But the Week 1 win over Miami was not one of those instances.
20   New England6223816.37
24   Miami4882420.33
5   Minnesota1871711.00
23   Jacksonville3231620.19
29   Kansas City213730.43
7   Houston3843411.29
31   Indianapolis236733.71
18   Detroit4312715.96
3   Green Bay399429.50
26   N.Y. Giants3151422.50
14   New Orleans4773414.03
13   N.Y. Jets3602713.33
9   Oakland2892312.57
12   Philadelphia4033113.00
32   Pittsburgh312744.57
22   Los Angeles4072416.96
1   San Francisco209336.33
11   Seattle2191712.88
28   Los Angeles3351325.77
5   Baltimore3853511.00
30   Atlanta3861232.17
16   Denver3102015.50
15   Arizona3942814.07
17   Tampa Bay3152015.75
4   Cincinnati2942710.89
10   Chicago3773012.57
8   Washington3322811.86
27   Carolina4772122.71
25   Tennessee2921420.86
2   Buffalo364418.88
19   Dallas3902416.25
21   Cleveland2851716.76

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