Real Quarterback Rating

Through Week 1 of the 2011 Regular Season

About Real Quarterback Rating. This is an experimental new stat that we've been working on over the past summer. The current passer rating is just that, a measure of passing effectiveness. Real Quarterback Rating will include rushing, fumble and sack stats to produce a new kind of rating that measures a quarterback’s overall performance with the ball, not just as a passer when he actually releases the ball (which is all that passer rating currently measures). We're working out some details of how it will work and when we have that finalized we'll make a formal introduction.
2   New England503351941118.67
10   Miami60374493194.38
28   Minnesota2111581154.27
22   Jacksonville31221700170.63
25   Kansas City38221051160.64
20   Houston29212171276.36
30   Indianapolis35171721248.75
3   Detroit342530531117.89
1   Green Bay413129730119.66
23   N.Y. Giants37192421169.88
6   New Orleans533339930104.21
21   N.Y. Jets49273182271.64
11   Oakland29191012094.18
18   Philadelphia46252642176.72
32   Pittsburgh46232551534.51
16   Los Angeles53363272281.25
9   San Francisco272214610101.54
29   Seattle46251682349.91
31   Los Angeles41191660147.41
5   Baltimore301721530112.50
26   Atlanta53322850259.08
27   Denver52252851255.37
8   Arizona332229421102.34
19   Tampa Bay53342871176.53
14   Cincinnati33171552084.79
12   Chicago37222892190.93
15   Washington38212582183.00
6   Carolina493242131104.21
13   Tennessee37222582187.44
4   Buffalo332321041113.64
17   Dallas43263352281.06
24   Cleveland45222132168.10

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