Passer Rating Differential

Through Week 1 of the 2011 Regular Season

About Passer Rating Differential. This indicator is nothing more than the difference between a team's Offensive Passer Rating and Defensive Passer Rating. We call it the "mother stat" of football analysis because it has an incredible Correlation to Victory: as CHFF Insiders know, 40 of 69 NFL champs since 1940 (58%) finished No. 1 or No. 2 in Passer Rating Differential, nearly the same number that finished No. 1 or No. 2 in scoring differential (Insiders can see the entire history of both indicators here). In fact, we would argue that you cannot truly analyze football without studying Passer Rating Differential. The Cold, Hard Football Facts have issued countless studies of the importance of Offensive Passer Rating, Defensive Passer Rating and Passer Rating Differential, each of them critical Quality Stats, including here on SportsIllustrated.com in the summer of 2011.

Week 1 Passer Rating Differential Overview
Passer Rating Differential is the "mother stat" of pro football analysis because it's the one number that so consistently indicates wider dominance in so many other areas. And Week 1 of 2011 merely provided more evidence.

Baltimore, for example, handed out arguably the week's most impressive beating, dominating the defending AFC champ Steelers 35-7 while forcing seven turnovers. As a result of that win, the Ravens are already No. 1 across the board in our Quality Stats Power Rankings.

They're also No. 1 across the board in Passer Rating Differential. Naturally, seeing we're only one game into the season, Pittsburgh is dead last after Week 1 in Passer Rating Differential.

Remember, you need to follow this indicator closely throughout the year. After all, few single indicators are so effective year after year at identifying champions: 40 of the 59 NFL champions since 1940 (58%) finished No. 1 or No. 2 in Passer Rating Differential. So far, that's great news for Baltimore and Buffalo, two of the biggest blowout winners of Week 1.
RankTeamOff PRDef PRPRD
8   New England121.6193.5828.03
25   Miami93.58121.61- 28.03
28   Minnesota47.9284.98- 37.07
17   Jacksonville91.4993.14- 1.64
31   Kansas City64.47113.46- 48.99
18   Houston78.4782.33- 3.85
15   Indianapolis82.3378.473.85
3   Detroit118.8876.9041.97
10   Green Bay132.08112.5419.54
29   N.Y. Giants70.83110.54- 39.71
23   New Orleans112.54132.08- 19.54
20   N.Y. Jets88.73101.85- 13.12
11   Oakland86.3671.2915.08
12   Philadelphia83.7269.8213.90
32   Pittsburgh52.90117.60- 64.70
5   Los Angeles84.9847.9237.07
14   San Francisco90.4278.3212.09
19   Seattle78.3290.42- 12.09
21   Los Angeles69.8283.72- 13.90
1   Baltimore117.6052.9064.70
27   Atlanta76.46107.81- 31.35
22   Denver71.2986.36- 15.08
9   Arizona130.01110.4219.60
30   Tampa Bay76.90118.88- 41.97
7   Cincinnati99.7770.1029.66
6   Chicago107.8176.4631.35
4   Washington110.5470.8339.71
24   Carolina110.42130.01- 19.60
16   Tennessee93.1491.491.64
2   Buffalo113.4664.4748.99
13   Dallas101.8588.7313.12
26   Cleveland70.1099.77- 29.66

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