Quality Stats Power Rankings

Through Week 1 of the 2011 Regular Season

About our Quality Stats Power Rankings.This indicator ranks each team from No. 1 to 32 based upon average ranking across the board in each of our Quality Stats. It’s proven pretty adept at picking out NFL champs: Green Bay was No. 1 across the board in 2010 and won the Super Bowl; Pittsburgh was No. 2 across the board and won the AFC title. New Orleans was No. 1 across the board in 2009 and won the Super Bowl; Indianapolis was No. 3 across the board in 2009, the highest-ranked AFC team, and won the AFC title. No other major stat site’s overall rankings over the last two years were as good as identifying champions.  One caveat: because it is an average ranking, it treats each of our indicators as statistical equals. But as you can see by studying Correlation to Victory and Predictive Rate of Victory, some stats are better than others at identifying winners week in and week out.

Week 1 Quality Stats Power Rankings Overview
Baltimore enjoyed what had to be such a sweet-tasting victory over the rival Steelers. The Ravens forced seven turnovers, physically beat up Pittsburgh and otherwise dominated the defending AFC champs in all aspects of the game during a 35-7 victory.

But here's somethign even sweeter tasting, Ravens fans! Baltimore exits Week 1 No. 1 across the board in our Quality Stats Power Rankings, the most dominant team across the board in each of our indicators. Oh, wait, it gets tastier, Baltimore: your No. 1 spot means that Pittsburgh exits Week 1 dead last across the board, the statistically most inept team in the NFL after one game! Wow! From AFC champs to bottom-dredging chumps in the space of one off season and one game.

Of course, the season is long. The Power Rankings after Week 1 will probably bear little resemblance to the rankings that really matter at year end. But it will be fun to watch all year.
9  New England11.18
24  Miami21.82
20  Minnesota19.82
17  Jacksonville16.91
31  Kansas City26.82
4  Houston10.91
27  Indianapolis22.09
4  Detroit10.91
14  Green Bay13.55
27  N.Y. Giants22.09
19  New Orleans19.45
18  N.Y. Jets17.27
12  Oakland12.64
3  Philadelphia10.82
32  Pittsburgh27.82
13  Los Angeles12.91
10  San Francisco11.36
23  Seattle21.55
27  Los Angeles22.09
1  Baltimore4.91
24  Atlanta21.82
21  Denver20.27
11  Arizona12.09
27  Tampa Bay22.09
7  Cincinnati11.09
7  Chicago11.09
6  Washington11.00
22  Carolina21.00
16  Tennessee16.00
2  Buffalo6.27
15  Dallas15.45
26  Cleveland21.91

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