Defensive Passer Rating

Through Week 1 of the 2011 Regular Season

About Defensive Passer Rating. This indicator merely applies the formula used to measure passer rating to a team’s pass defense. Like all of our Quality Stats, which are based on efficiency, it has a much higher Correlation to Victory than volume stats, such as passing yards allowed. Most great teams throughout history have a very stingy Defensive Passer Rating, even if they surrendered a lot of passing yards. For example, the 2010 Super Bowl champion Packers and 2010 AFC champion Steelers finished Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, in Defensive Passer Rating. We've written numerous times about the historic importance of Defensive Passer Rating here on CHFF and here on over the years. Bottom line: it's a killer measure of overall team success and always has been.

The "big hat, no cattle" Chargers were a statistical dynamo on pass defense in 2010, finishing the year No. 4 in Defensive Passer Rating (76.1), just behind the Super Bowl champion Packers, AFC champion Steelers and NFC title-contender Bears. San Diego races out of the gates in Week 1 of 2011 atop DPR.

But was it due to a great effort by their pass defense, or just the utterly inept play of San Diego's Week 1 opponent, Minnesota QB Donovan McNabb (39 yards)? We'll learn a lot more this week, as the Chargers travel cross-country to New England to face Tom Brady and the high-powered Patriots, just a week after the future Hall of Fame quarterback torched the Dolphins for a historic 517 yards.
20   New England493061.224168.492193.58
30   Miami483266.6751710.7741121.61
14   Minnesota483368.753356.982284.98
19   Jacksonville342161.762637.742193.14
27   Kansas City261765.382088.0041113.46
12   Houston311651.611976.351082.33
11   Indianapolis241770.832209.171278.47
9   Detroit462963.042665.781176.90
26   Green Bay493265.314198.5530112.54
25   N.Y. Giants342161.763058.9720110.54
32   New Orleans352777.143128.9130132.08
22   N.Y. Jets362363.893429.5021101.85
7   Oakland462452.173046.611171.29
4   Philadelphia351851.432095.970069.82
28   Pittsburgh291758.622247.7230117.60
1   San Diego15746.67392.601147.92
10   San Francisco372156.761975.322178.32
17   Seattle201575.001246.200090.42
13   Los Angeles321443.751875.842083.72
2   Baltimore412253.662806.831352.90
23   Atlanta322268.753129.7521107.81
15   Denver221359.091054.771086.36
24   Arizona372464.8642211.4121110.42
29   Tampa Bay332472.733059.2431118.88
5   Cincinnati401947.502135.322170.10
8   Chicago473165.963196.790176.46
6   Washington321856.252688.380170.83
31   Carolina271866.6730911.4420130.01
18   Tennessee241770.831757.290091.49
3   Buffalo362261.111193.311164.47
16   Dallas442659.093357.612188.73
21   Cleveland271555.561736.412099.77

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