Real Quarterback Rating

Final Statistics for the 2010 Season

Real Quarterback Rating measures the overall effectiveness of a team’s quarterbacks’ performances. The existing passer rating is just that, a measure only of a team’s passing effectiveness. Real Quarterback Rating uses the same formula as passer rating to yield a similar range of numbers, but includes the impact of rushing attempts, fumbles and sacks – key plays that are not included in the existing passer rating indicator.
Existing passer rating is based upon four factors, average per attempt, completion percentage, touchdown percentage and interception percentage. It requires five game numbers to calculate: attempts, completions, yards, passing TDs and INTs.
Real Quarterback Rating is based upon the same formula, but includes total attempts by a quarterback (pass attempts, rushes, sacks); total advances (completions, rushes), net yards (pass yards + rush yards – sack yards); TDs (rushing, passing) and total turnovers (INT, fumbles).
It’s an experimental indicator right now, one that may be tweaked and altered as we watch it generate results. But we do know it has a high Correlation to Victory and high Predictive Rate of victory, just like passer rating. But it allows us gauge the overall impact of all the plays that go ignored by traditional passer rating: Michael Vick’s long runs, Ben Roethlisberger’s many sacks and a weak-wristed QBs penchant for losing too many fumbles. 
1   ∼ New England98678558204410101.91
25  ↓ 1Miami10407805170213080.01
27  ↑ 1Minnesota9827475039213778.28
17   ∼ Jacksonville10198045453323385.94
3  ↓ 1Kansas City10638305595321493.14
2  ↑ 4Houston10297886185321894.02
4  ↑ 1Indianapolis10898436092402592.58
19  ↓ 1Detroit10647875423302584.57
5  ↓ 1Green Bay10007735730342292.54
16   ∼ N.Y. Giants10358196085384286.49
11  ↓ 2New Orleans10678305960403190.33
14   ∼ N.Y. Jets10878225616302187.78
15   ∼ Oakland10407835674312687.08
9  ↓ 6Philadelphia10387756230382591.48
8  ↑ 4Pittsburgh9937695525281891.65
6  ↑ 2San Diego10398166329372992.29
21  ↑ 5San Francisco9456835013222382.03
28  ↑ 2Seattle9647094763213177.82
22  ↓ 1Los Angeles10537834846222181.88
12  ↓ 1Baltimore10187955166292089.12
10   ∼ Atlanta10978585458341791.27
20  ↓ 1Denver10187325582302783.62
32   ∼ Arizona9316054299133564.47
7   ∼ Tampa Bay9557375362301991.97
23  ↓ 1Cincinnati10467935289283481.71
24  ↓ 1Chicago9366914631293180.75
29   ∼ Washington10027005374243177.74
31   ∼ Carolina9626844135143768.07
18  ↑ 2Tennessee9076794834312984.75
30  ↓ 3Buffalo9546984872273976.73
13   ∼ Dallas10358065828323088.36
26  ↓ 1Cleveland9277104636162979.47

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