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NFL Week 14 Game Capsules

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 3, 2013

Capsules that are good for your brain.

NFL Week 6 Game Capsules

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 9, 2013

This is where the descriptions go.

AFC East: Mark Sanchez And The Jets Look To Ambush The Patriots

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 21, 2012

The Jets look to keep their playoff hopes alive with an upset over the Patriots. Miami hosts the Seahawks, while the Bills try to corral Andrew Luck.

Naughty Nurse: Minnesota Vikings long recovery

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 2, 2012

The Minnesota Vikings collapsed so quickly in 2011 that our Naughty Nurse had to rush in with a crash cart. We should have taught her that the paddles go over the heart, not the ears. In either case, the Vikings have a long road to recovery after a 3-13 season.

Denver Gallops To Minnesota For Gladiator Games: Preview Time!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 3, 2011

One Christian battles another this weekend when Tim Tebow and the surging Broncos face off with Christian Ponder and the Vikings. John "The Mighty" Quinn brings the facts. The popcorn is up to you.

Ponder and the Vikings Throw A Scare Into The Pack 33-27: 5 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 23, 2011

The Vikings rookie QB Ponder makes it interesting against the Packers. John Quinn likes the cut of this kids jib. Yarrrr.


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