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Alex Barron - King of False Starts - Starting For Raiders

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 15, 2013

With Jared Veldheer (triceps) out three months, Alex Barron is expected to open the season as the Raiders' starting left tackle. Barron has been out of the NFL since the 2010 season and likes penalties.

NFL Draft First-Round Riches: Rams, Jets, Vikings Multiple Picks

Cold, Hard Football Facts for May 3, 2013

The Rams, Jets and Vikings all had multiple 1st-round picks in the 2013 draft. But striking it rich with two studs is unlikely says Scott Kacsmar, adding that the Vikings landed one first rounder with bust written all over him.

Captain Comeback Week 11: Houston Texans Lead Overtime Drama

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 20, 2012

After last week's drought, Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar has five comebacks to dissect this week. Matt Schaub and Houston set a bunch of records, Atlanta won in unusual fashion, and Tony Romo ties Staubach.

Naughty Nurse: Chicago Bears body-cavity exam

Cold, Hard Football Facts for March 10, 2012

CHFF's Russian mail-order Naughty Nurse checks the statistical vital signs of the Chicago Bears. While the patient may still look healthy, but she found some problems as her penetrating pigskin probe slid deeper under the surface.

Bears Team Report: Touched By a Tebow: 5 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 12, 2011

The Bears were feeling good about themselves until less than five minutes remained in the game, then they experienced the Tebow effect.

The Bears Get Ambushed by Reality and the Chiefs 10-3: 5 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 5, 2011

The Bears took to the field in Chicago ready to get back to their playoff dreams. The Chiefs did just enough to turn the day into a nightmare. Tom Pollin wipes the sleep from his eyes and breaks it down for you.

Bears Win Air Battle Against the Chargers 31-20: 5 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 21, 2011

The Bears won a tougher than expected game against the Chargers 31-20 but have lost Jay Cutler for a still undetermined length of time. However long it is, he played an outstanding game Sunday.

Bears Team Review: Prediction for the Chargers, PAIN!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 18, 2011

The Bears have spent the last five weeks demonstrating to the football world that they're determined to be just as big a factor this year as last year in the playoffs. That's bad news for the Chargers as they travel to Soldier Field this Sunday.

Give Lovie some love after Bears beat Eagles

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 8, 2011

The Bears were 8-1/2 point underdogs and not expected by many to have a chance against an Eagles team that ran all over the Cowboys last Sunday night. The Bears had other ideas.

Bears Beat Conventional Wisdom and Tampa Bay Too 24-18: 5 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 24, 2011

According to practically everyone in the football world the Bears were going to London too late in the week and would pay for it. Tom Pollin says so much for the experts.


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