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Brady-Manning: Greatest Rivalry In Sports History

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 24, 2013

Brady-Manning XIV unfolds Sunday night in frost Foxboro, the latest chapter in the greatest rivalry in football and maybe in all of sports. Year after year for more than a decade, these two future Hall of Fame QBs have met in games that directly impact the Super Bowl picture.

Drew Brees 5 interceptions: The Worst Games By The Greatest QBs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 30, 2012

Drew Brees is a bona fide future Hall of Fame quarterback. But he didn't look like one Thursday night, throwing a career-high 5 INT in a 23-13 loss at 11-1 Atlanta. We look at the worst meltdowns by the game's greatest QBs.

Decision 2012: Author Glennon Says Vote Brady For G-O-A-T!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 31, 2012

While the U.S. chooses a president, author Sean Glennon writes that he knows who should fill the Prolate Spheroid Office as the greatest QB of all-time. Quant Coach Kevin Braig reviews Glennon's case for Brady as the G-O-A-T.

Troll Report: the value of first-round QBs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 6, 2012

The Colts might want to hurry up and sign Andrew Luck. After all, quarterbacks drafted No. 1 overall boast nearly 30 percent of all Super Bowl starts since the AFL-NFL merger, reports CHFF reader Jeff Hunter. He finds highly drafted QBs critical to team success.

Deion Sanders, Chris Berman and the mystery of Bruce Gradkowski

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 18, 2011

A week after putting his faith in Rex Grossman, Deion Sanders remained silent after Week 6. And quick, someone alert the folks in Bristol that Bruce Gradkowski does not play for the Oakland Raiders.

Tony Romo: Temporary Redemption

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 20, 2011

Scott Kacsmar updates the Tony Romo saga. Is a 10-point comeback on the road with a punctured lung and fractured rib good enough for the critics, or has hindsight already deemed the Dallas win over San Frant not a big game?


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