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We Put The New York Jets Depth Chart In Perspective

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 2, 2013

New York Jets fans had a sobering moment of clarity this preseason when they looked at their depth chart.

Bill Belichick Reveals True Reason He Cut Tim Tebow

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 1, 2013

Cold, Hard Football Facts meme machine Justin Henry uncovers the real reason that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick cut Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow And His Biblically Bad Preseason Performance

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 18, 2013

Tim Tebow completed 1 of 7 passes for -1 yards in New England's preseason 25-21 win over Tampa Bay Friday night. Good thing there are no Bible passages that begin with -1.

The Case for Tim Tebow, NFL Quarterback

Cold, Hard Football Facts for June 11, 2013

Tim Tebow deserves as real shot to play quarterback in the NFL. He won't get that shot in New England. He shouldn't get that shot in New England. But the preponderance of Cold, Hard Football Facts prove he deserves a chance to lead an NFL offense.

Chuck Norris: 'Clutch' Tim Tebow An 'Athletic Warrior'

Cold, Hard Football Facts for May 31, 2013

Noted football analyst Chuck Norris recently threw a big huge man-kiss to his proselytizing brother of pigskin, Tim Tebow, in a column on Newsbusters.

CHFF TV: Tebow Would Have Led Jets To Playoffs; Rex Ryan Chose To Suck

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 4, 2013

Rex Ryan chose to suck this year, sticking with the brutal Mark Sanchez against the much more effective Tim Tebow. We break it all down this week here on CHFF TV. In fact, it's quite possible the Jets make the playoffs if Tebow is the quarterback.

Bears Team Report: Touched By a Tebow: 5 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 12, 2011

The Bears were feeling good about themselves until less than five minutes remained in the game, then they experienced the Tebow effect.

Bears team report: Fighting Tebowmania with ... Haniemania?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 10, 2011

The Bears face-off against the Denver Broncos Sunday afternoon with the hope that they possess the cure for the rampant Tebowmania that has infected the NFL this season.

Bears Team Review: Prediction for the Chargers, PAIN!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 18, 2011

The Bears have spent the last five weeks demonstrating to the football world that they're determined to be just as big a factor this year as last year in the playoffs. That's bad news for the Chargers as they travel to Soldier Field this Sunday.

Gut Instinct, Week 8: Humble-Ween Edition

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 28, 2011

Mark Wald walks you nimbly (and sardonically) through this week's lucky 13 pack of NFL spreads, and apologizes for anything good he's ever said about the Oakland Raiders.


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