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Medieval Football: Modern NFL Passes By AFC North

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 17, 2013

The Bengals outlasted the Steelers 20-10 on Monday Night Football, one of two brutish, low-scoring games out of the AFC North this weekend. The rest of the NFL is producing a high-scoring brand of modern football. The AFC North is stuck in a medieval time warp

The Legend of Limas Sweed: The NFL Receiver Who Couldn't Catch

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 12, 2013

Draft-niks gushed over Texas Longhorns wide receiver Lima Sweed back in 2008. They overlooked one little problem: Sweed couldn't catch syphilis in a Thai whorehouse. Scott Kacsmar pens a cautionary tale.

Naughty Nurse: Pittsburgh Steelers anemic in the end

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 21, 2012

The Pittsburgh Steelers have sour taste in their mouths after a strong season was book-ended by historically bad losses. Our Naughty Nurse offers a few breath mints while diagnosing a very bad statistical lesion that plagues Pittsburgh's famous defense in the postseason.

Unreal Super Bowl Media Day Legends

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 31, 2012

Super Bowl Media Day would be a lot better if these tales were true. Okay, so Chris Berman interviewing himself on Media Day is probably true, but other than that, the following stories are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Week 1 blowouts: What do they mean?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 12, 2011

Three teams got their collective asses handed to them on their opening Sunday, and three teams did the corresponding ass-handing. Where does history suggest they go from here?


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