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Judge Berman Ruling Eviscerates Goodell, NFL

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 3, 2015

Any sober observer who looked at the DeflateGate controversy with an impartial eye knew it was a junior league hack job by the NFL from day one. Judge Richard Berman agreed, with a ruling that eviscerates the NFL and Roger Goodell.

NFL Loses: Roger Goodell is Commish But Tom Brady is King

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 3, 2015

The greatest winner in NFL history just scored his greatest victory, taking down all-power league commissioner Roger Goodell. Judge Richard Berman vacated Goodell's decision to suspend Brady four games in the DeflateGate saga.

Roger Goodell's Fatal Mistake: Tom Brady An Innocent Man

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 5, 2015

Roger Goodell and the NFL made a tragic mistake when they launched the DeflateGate drama during the AFC championship game: they first tried to entrap and then wrongly accused an innocent man.

NFL (Finally) Releases DeflateGate Statement

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 23, 2015

The NFL finally released a statement about DeflateGate around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon. Read the full text here, along with our brief analysis of another total and unnecessary NFL cluster-f*ck.

DeflateGate: Did Bill Belichick Order the Code Red?!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 21, 2015

DeflateGate has put everyone's balls in a vice, most notably Bill Belichick's. But everyone looks bad here: Tom Brady, the NFL, league officials, even whiny Colts fans. One big question remains: Did Belichick order the Code Red?!

Audio: CHFF Show Prepares For Life Without Roger Goodell; Plus Week 2 Preview

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 11, 2014

The Potentate of Pigskin Kerry J. Byrne joins Pat Imig for the second episode of the Cold Hard Football Facts for Week 1. Highlights include the removal of the Gridiron Godfather, a Quality Stats barrage and the Non-Ray-Rice Rice Game.

Failure to Whack Ray Rice May Sink Gridiron Godfather Roger Goodell

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 11, 2014

Roger Goodell's failure to act decisively in the wake of Ray Rice's brutal act of violence against a woman threatens to sink the career of the NFL commissioner. It'd be a bit ironic if it did. After all, Goodell was once the iron-fisted ruler we dubbed the Gridiron Godfather, who whacked anybody who dared sully the rep of the NFL.

Video Of Ray Rice Punching His Girlfriend Released By TMZ

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 8, 2014

UPDATE: Ravens terminate contract of Ray Rice. PREVIOUS: TMZ waited until the first Monday of the NFL season to release the appalling video of Ray Rice punching his girlfriend. View at your own risk.

Jim Irsay Suspended Six Games; Fined 500K

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 2, 2014

The Colts owner is also banned from using social media with Colts-related content until his suspension is lifted.

Roger Goodell: NFL May Abolish Extra Point

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 21, 2014

Gridiron Godfather told the NFL Network today that the league may abolish the extra point. What do you think?


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