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Top 10 Active Non-Fantasy Ageless Wonders

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 22, 2014

A look at the top 10 active non-skill/Fantasy NFL players who are at least 35 years old and still going strong

Week 17: Philadelphia (-6.5) at Dallas

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 26, 2013

The Eagles visit the Cowboys in Week 17 2013.

NFL Quarterbacks: Air Yards vs. Yards After Catch (1992-2012)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 23, 2013

What percentage of a QB's yards are gained after the catch? Who has the most? The least? Scott Kacsmar breaks down 21 years of data in a super study of air yards and YAC.

Tall Task: Does Height Matter For NFL Quarterbacks?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 5, 2013

After Seattle shrimp Russell Wilson’s excellent rookie season, does height still matter for a NFL quarterback? Scott Kacsmar examines if bigger is better, or if NFL teams need to widen their thinking.

Ranking the Random Fumble Luck of NFL Quarterbacks

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 7, 2012

If fumble recoveries are random in the NFL, then that means some players are luckier than others. Scott Kacsmar ranks the 59 quarterbacks with the most and least fumble luck in the last two decades.

Rodgers, Ryan, Brady Best Ever Protecting The Football

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 30, 2012

Drew Brees threw a career-high five INTs in Atlanta. But Scott Kacsmar says Turnover Rate is a better stat than total INTs. And the three all-time leaders at protecting the football are active right now: Rodgers, Ryan and Brady. Mark Sanchez "ass fumbles" were not included.

Captain Comeback Week 12: Ray Rice 4th and 29 Conversion Strikes A Norv

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 27, 2012

Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar looks at clutch 4th-and-20 conversions since 2000, Houston's continuing overtime drama, Matt Ryan sets more records, and the Steelers play "Hot Potato in Cleveland."

Mathletics: Dallas Cowboys Trends For 2012

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 5, 2012

As a new season kicks off, Adam Dobrowolski awakes from his football slumber to look at five "Mathletics" factors that'll affect the Cowboys in 2012.

Cowboys Report: No Need to Show Up?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 26, 2011

In what could've been the first of two huge showdowns in the NFC East, Saturday's battle between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles became a wash out as soon as the New York Giants secured victory. Beat writer Adam Dobrowolski examines.

Browns Report: Overcoming Some Cardiac Cats

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 22, 2011

The Cleveland Browns made a goal-line stand in the final seconds against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 14-10 win. Beat writers Adam Dobrowolski provides the dirty details from another defensive battle. Does this win actually give the Browns any hope for the playoffs?


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