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Kirk Cousins Replaces RG3; ESPN Replaces Sanity With Blanket Coverage

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 11, 2013

The Redskins field the worst defense in franchise history. Yet they just reacted by benching QB Robert Griffin III in favor of Kirk Cousins, inspiring a feeding frenzy on ESPN. Who knew that a QB change on a 3-10 team was such a big deal?

Pigskin Detention: Would You Invest in 50 Danny Woodhead's?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 18, 2013

CBS' Dan Dierdorf says Chargers head coach Mike McCoy probably wishes he could have "50 Danny Woodheads" on the team. To illustrate the absurdity of this notion, imagine you're Mike McCoy and you're staring at your locker room with 50 Danny Woodheads.

Erin Andrews Might Have Some New Stalkers

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 11, 2013

Hippies and Creepers follow Erin Andrews everywhere, including live-sets on Fox NFL Sunday.

Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis and Chris Berman Enter Pigskin Detention

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 11, 2013

Late last week, the one and only Michael Irvin made a bold proclamation when he said Dez Bryant will win the 2013 MVP.

There's a Hole in Your Anti-Redskin Cause, Bill Simmons

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 9, 2013

Such phony outrage over the Redskins name form privileged sports writers. Let's see Bill Simmons talk about one of his favorite teams instead.

Confirmed: Herm Edwards Blows

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 14, 2012

Herm drew the short straw at the production meeting for the cast and crew.

This is the Chris Berman we need

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 13, 2012

Chris Berman recalls life with his friend and one of ESPN's founding fathers, Tom Mees.

ESPN should fire Chris Berman from play-by-play

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 11, 2012

If you stayed up late to watch the Raiders and Chargers, and had the volume up, you were smothered by the suffocating play-by-play of Chris Berman. This was the broadcast equivalent of the '85 Bears defense and we were Tony Eason at the Super Bowl.

Oakland fumbles away chances to San Diego

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 11, 2012

Despite the new regime, it's the same old Raiders as mistakes lead to home loss against Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers.

Sanchez to Theismann: "I have two large cojones. And mine actually work."

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 4, 2012

Late last week, Joe Theismann said Jets QB Mark Sanchez is too nice and that Sanchez will have to show off his "cojones" this season. Theismann was not endorsing Super Beta Prostate at the time.


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