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Spectacular Russell Wilson Deserves Respect, And Much More

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 28, 2014

We've said it before about Russell Wilson: Dude. Doesn't. Lose. Here's why: Wilson is fresh off the greatest performance by any second-year QB in history. His statistical production paints an impressive portrait, one that pigskin pundits don't seem to get.

Dan Marino's Greatest Contribution To The World

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 15, 2013

Given that Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, his role in exposing Einhorn's penis might be his most valuable contribution to the world of pop culture and entertainment.

Star Crossed Tony Romo: Best Performance, Most Points In An NFL Loss

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 7, 2013

The star-crossed legacy of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo added another painful chapter Sunday in the team's 51-48 loss to the Denver Broncos. Romo merely authored what might be the greatest QB performance ever ... in a losing effort.

Epic Fail: The Wide Receiver Draft Class Of 2012

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 9, 2013

The 2012 draft and the following season proved, yet again, that high-priced wide receivers are little more than Shiny Hood Ornaments, the most overvalued position in all of sports. We review an ugly, ugly year for teams that chased wide receivers in the draft.

Drew Brees 5 interceptions: The Worst Games By The Greatest QBs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 30, 2012

Drew Brees is a bona fide future Hall of Fame quarterback. But he didn't look like one Thursday night, throwing a career-high 5 INT in a 23-13 loss at 11-1 Atlanta. We look at the worst meltdowns by the game's greatest QBs.

Captain's Challenge: Name The 5 Best Quarterbacks Of All Time

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 12, 2012

Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar issues a challenge to NFL fans: name the stat that best reflects the top 5 quarterbacks in NFL history. The Captain says it's fourth-quarter comebacks, but wants your input.

Clash of the 5,000-yard quarterbacks

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 8, 2012

History unfolds Thursday night when the New Orleans Saints visit the New England Patriots in pre-season football. It will mark the first and probably only time this year two 5,000-yard QBs take the field together.

QBs: Career Playoff Drive Stats (2012 edition)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for February 2, 2012

It really is Groundhog Day. Scott Kacsmar is back a year later with the 2012 update to his career playoff drive stats for 25 starting quarterbacks since 1980. Find out who’s led the most efficient offense in the postseason and much more.

Unreal Super Bowl Media Day Legends

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 31, 2012

Super Bowl Media Day would be a lot better if these tales were true. Okay, so Chris Berman interviewing himself on Media Day is probably true, but other than that, the following stories are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Captain Comeback: Wild Card History

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 6, 2012

Scott Kacsmar inscribes the complete history of all 36 fourth quarter comebacks and game-winning drives in the Wild Card round of the postseason, while also previewing this weekend’s games. Consider it the definitive 'Wild Card' chapter in the book of fourth quarter wins.


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