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Decision 2012: Author Glennon Says Vote Brady For G-O-A-T!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 31, 2012

While the U.S. chooses a president, author Sean Glennon writes that he knows who should fill the Prolate Spheroid Office as the greatest QB of all-time. Quant Coach Kevin Braig reviews Glennon's case for Brady as the G-O-A-T.

Ryan Kalil ad: Carolina D not up to the task

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 28, 2012

Ryan Kalil vowed the Panthers will win the Super Bowl. But to do so, they'll need dramatic fixes to one of the worst pass defenses in history. Good news? It has happened once before, courtesy of the trio of Bill Walsh, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott.

40 and Fabulous: in praise of passer rating

Cold, Hard Football Facts for June 11, 2012

Passer rating turns 40 this season. We spoke to the Pro Football Researchers Assoc. at NFL Films this weekend and explained why this oft-criticized indicator is actually the Mother of All Stats. Some researchers cried 'heresy!' at our findings.

Discomfort Zone: the impact of travel on NFL games

Cold, Hard Football Facts for April 19, 2012

NFL Network's three-hour schedule special included a detailed look at the impact of traveling across time zones. Our Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar provided the research. Here are all the details they didn't show you on TV.

Super Bowl Hangover Pt. 1: Tom Coughlin vs. Bill Parcells

Cold, Hard Football Facts for February 9, 2012

Scott Kacsmar weighs in with Part 1 of the Super Bowl Hangover, focusing on the Hall of Fame credentials for New York Giants' coaches Tom Coughlin and Bill Parcells. Who is more deserving of Canton: the mentor or the apprentice?

The Original Moneyballer: Paul Brown, NFL genius

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 28, 2011

The release of Moneyball on the big screen reminds our QuantCoach of the similarities between Billy Beane and the great Paul Brown.

Quant Coach: It Doesn't Pay To Be Tight With Tight Ends

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 6, 2011

The season-ending knee injury suffered by Kansas City's Tony Moeaki didn't make headlines, but it should have. Few positions on the football field are more valuable than the tight end spot.

Injustice in Canton: the Case for Ken Anderson

Cold, Hard Football Facts for May 16, 2011

Ken Anderson belongs in the Hall of Fame. After studying his HOF-caliber stats and his role as a pioneer of the West Coast offense, we conclude the 6,500-word epic "Case for Ken Anderson" with a look at how he won against the odds while consistently outplaying NFL MVPs.


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