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Darrelle Revis And The New England Patriots' Super Bowl Dreams

Cold, Hard Football Facts for March 13, 2014

Two things and two things only have stood between the Patriots and a Super Bowl championship over the past decade: a shutdown corner and a game-changing pass rusher. Now they hope for a trip to Phoenix in 2015 by way of Revis Island.

FOX And NFL Will Show Players' Body Temperatures At Super Bowl

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 15, 2014

Because glowing footballs are out of the question.

New England Patriots 43, Indianapolis Colts 22: 10 Things We Learned

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 12, 2014

Bill Belichick struck again. His Patriots used a running attack that surprised nobody paying attention but that still succeed beyond expectations. Eight AFC title games in 13 years is a hell of a legacy for the men in patriotic garb.

Dour Bill Belichick Uses Smile to Mask Identity

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 8, 2014

Bill Belichick is famed for cleverly disguising defenses. He also has a way to cleverly disguise his own identity: by smiling.

Brains Over Brawn: Smart Teams Dominated 2013 Season

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 8, 2014

We created the Intelligence Index before the start of the season to separate smart, well-coached teams from dumb, poorly coached teams. The results were spectacular. Among other things, it proved that success in situational football is more important than physical prowess.

Video: Bill Belichick Talks About Christmas Music

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 20, 2013

It puts a smile on his face.

Colonel Comey's Tuesday Morning Brain Dump

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 10, 2013

The Great & Powerful Comey divulges vast amounts of Week 14 knowledge about the Black Unicorn, the under-the-radar contender Bengals, the smoke-and-mirror Patriots, Cam Newton''s towel, overrated Luke Kuechly, league MVP, coach of the year and much more.

Reporters Say NFL Rewrote Rulebook After Patriots-Jets Controversy

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 20, 2013

A controversial call against New England's special teams Sunday handed the Jets new life in overtime, which they quickly converted into a game-winning field goal. Now reporters are alleging that the NFL literally changed the rule book to cover its ass after the incorrect ruling on the field.

Week 3: Tampa Bay at New England (-7)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 18, 2013

The Buccaneers visit the Patriots in Week 3 2013.

Wet and Ugly: New England Patriots Rediscover Team DNA

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 13, 2013

The Patriots since 2007 have played sexy, sun-soaked, bikini-clad football. But that team was statistically castrated during this past off-season, forcing the team to rediscover its ugly roots, including a 13-10 win over the Jets Thursday night.


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