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Dirty Statistical Secret: Leather-Helmet NFL Produced More Points, Thrills

Cold, Hard Football Facts for February 24, 2015

The NFL has spent more than 35 years genetically modifying offenses to score more points. Yet teams produced more points and more big plays in the gritty leather-helmet NFL of the late 1940s and 1950s than they do in the overly efficient league of today. We tell you why.

What Took So Long? NFL Breaks 65-Year-Old Scoring Record in 2013

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 1, 2014

NFL games produced 46.82 points in 2013, breaking a largely unknown record for scoring productivity set back in 1948. Which begets the question: why did it take the NFL 65 years, and 25 years of legislative manipulation, to match the scoring pace of the leather-helmet era?

Handicapping Roundup: 5 Money-Making Team Trends

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 12, 2013

CHFF oddsmaking analysts Mike Wilkening explores five team trends that can help you make money, from the potential of several high-profile teams down the stretch here in 2013 to a long-look ahead at potential Super Bowl champs in 2014.

Five Down, 11 To Go; Can Denver Match 2007 Pats?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 6, 2013

Wes Welker probably has a "16-0 Perfect Season" t-shirt somewhere in his closet collecting dust. Does he have another chance at perfection six years later? We assess.

Records Of Every NFL Team When They Win/Lose Turnover Battle

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 2, 2012

For all the hard work all year, a couple bounces of the ball on Sunday determine winners and losers. The Patriots, for example, win 92% of games when they win the turnover battle and just 43% when the lose it (78% and 27% ATS).

Betting on the NFL Goes on Trial (Part 3)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 4, 2012

Hold On Governor: If Chris Christie prevails in the case of NCAA, et al. v. Christie, the NFL is likely to be irreparably harmed forevermore. (For exclusive use by Cold Hard Football Facts)


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