2013 Defensive Leaders
Season Stats
51.Zach Strief, OTNOS100000000000000
52.Frostee Rucker, DEARI109211110000000000
53.Vinny Curry, DEPHI1418523440300000000
54.Colin Jones, SCAR710100000000000
55.Darius Slay, CBDET102563100600000000
56.William Gholston, DETBB11151631214300000000
57.Jonathan Cyprien, SJAX15811697106127020000
58.Mistral Raymond, SMIN51051500200000000
59.Justin Tuck, DEOAK16412263116641-2020000
60.Corey Graham, CBBUF155117681012428010000
61.John Hughes, DTCLE1215183316200001000
62.Mitch Unrein, DTDEN131552000000000000
63.Alex Carrington, DESTL3461000000000000
64.Allen Bailey, DEKCC112553018300000000
65.Kyle Arrington, CBNEP164812602111215020000
66.D.J. Hayden, CBOAK72322500210010000
67.Henry Melton, DTDAL332500000001-100
68.C.J. Mosley, DTDET121541900000001000
69.Mike Jenkins, CBTBB1657865006200112000
70.Red Bryant, DEJAX14161531 1.55100000000
71.Michael Thomas, SMIA120200210000000
72.Kyle Wilson, CBNYJ152312400200000000
73.Derek Cox, CBBAL113443800712000000
74.Margus Hunt, DECIN4123 0.54000000000
75.Bruce Carter, LBDAL15732396211300000000
76.Chris Cook, CBSFO114164700300000000
77.Justin Tuggle, LBHOU1031400000000000
78.Niles Paul, WRWAS1210100000000000
79.Tyrunn Walker, DENOS745914100000000
80.Kenny Demens, LBARI130300000000000
81.Brice McCain, CBPIT152172800710000000
82.Heath Farwell, LBSEA1033600000000000
83.Sam Shields, CBGBP145110610017430001200
84.Al Woods, DLTEN9881626200000000
85.Robert Ayers, DENYG1524731 5.535000010000
86.Jonathan Massaquoi, DEATL13261743426100000000
87.Johnathan Joseph, CBHOU15443470016364000000
88.Barry Cofield, NTWAS12171532 2.512100001000
89.Josh Martin, LBKCC581900000000000
90.Brodrick Bunkley, NTNOS101282000000000000
91.Lorenzo Alexander, LBARI230300100000000
92.Bryan Braman, LBPHI810100000000000
93.Greg Hardy, DECAR174025651598100010000
94.Donald Butler, LBSDC148416100 0.566230011000
95.Travis Lewis, LBDET520200000000000
96.Steven Means, DETBB532500000000000
97.Josh Evans, SJAX1443115400100000000
98.Marcus Sherels, CBMIN153674300710000000
99.Charles Woodson, CBOAK1675229721831130322510
100.Mario Williams, DEBUF152810381378400010000

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