2013 Defensive Leaders
Season Stats
51.Cam Johnson, LBIND510100000000000
52.Cyrus Gray, RBKCC1210100000000000
53.Frank Kearse, DTWAS110100000000000
54.Jamar Taylor, CBMIA310100000000000
55.Jakar Hamilton, SDAL111200000000000
56.Albert McClellan, LBBAL910100000000000
57.Donald Brown, RBSDC1810100000000000
58.Nick Moody, LBSFO310100000000000
59.Denard Robinson, WRJAX1310100000000000
60.Kwame Geathers, DESDC413400000000000
61.Sam Koch, PBAL1610100000000000
62.Margus Hunt, DECIN4123 0.54000000000
63.Justin Bethel, SARI1410100000000-300
64.Tim Jamison, DEHOU210100100000000
65.Bryan Braman, LBPHI810100000000000
66.Michael Brooks, DTSEA110100000000000
67.Dwight Freeney, LBSDC3112 0.56100000000
68.Patrick Robinson, CBNOS111200000000000
69.Zak DeOssie, LSNYG810100000000000
70.Ian Williams, DTSFO110100000000000
71.Charlie Johnson, OTMIN310100000000000
72.Brandon Marshall, LBDEN110100000000000
73.Sanders Commings, CBKCC110100000000000
74.Trenton Robinson, DBWAS721300200000000
75.Jake Knott, LBPHI621300000000000
76.Duke Williams, SBUF521300000000000
77.Trevor Scott, DECHI221300000000000
78.Jeron Johnson, SSSEA320200000000000
79.Travis Lewis, LBDET520200000000000
80.Anthony Spencer, DEDAL120200000000000
81.Terence Garvin, LBPIT920200000000000
82.Mike Catapano, DEKCC421316000000000
83.Jeris Pendleton, DTIND221300000000000
84.Cameron Lawrence, LBDAL520200000000000
85.Stansly Maponga, DEATL523500000000000
86.Crezdon Butler, CBSDC321300000010000
87.Eric Martin, LBCLE822400000000000
88.Ty Powell, LBBUF320200000000000
89.Michael Thomas, SMIA120200210000000
90.Sergio Brown, FSIND720200000000000
91.Jayson DiManche, LBCIN1022400000000000
92.Marvin Austin, DTDEN220200000000000
93.Jonathan Freeny, LBMIA821300000000000
94.Antwan Barnes, LBNYJ2213220000000000
95.Da'Quan Bowers, DETBB725715000000000
96.A.J. Jefferson, CBSEA620200111000000
97.Miles Burris, LBOAK521300000001000
98.Andy Studebaker, LBIND821300100000000
99.Heath Farwell, LBSEA1033600000000000
100.Josh Norman, CBCAR131400000000000

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