2012 Defensive Leaders
Season Stats
101.Shiloh Keo, SHOU1031400111000000
102.Jeron Johnson, SSSEA731423000010000
103.Mario Harvey, LBIND831400000000000
104.Omar Bolden, CBDEN1140400100000000
105.Mario Addison, DECAR540415000010000
106.Chris Maragos, FSPHI931400000000000
107.Neiko Thorpe, CBOAK240400000000000
108.Thomas Keiser, LBSDC2224 0.51000000000
109.Roc Carmichael, CBPHI431400100000000
110.Heath Farwell, LBSEA1122400000000000
111.Clifton Geathers, DEWAS432519000000000
112.Bryan Braman, LBPHI1132500000000000
113.Brian Orakpo, LBWAS250512300010000
114.Cory Greenwood, LBDET841500000010000
115.Marcus Sherels, CBMIN1641500100000000
116.Will Tukuafu, FBSFO532500000000000
117.Chris Carter, LBPIT523500100000000
118.Malik Jackson, DEDEN632500000000000
119.Casey Matthews, LBPHI641500000000000
120.Robert Golden, SPIT550500000000000
121.Curtis Marsh, CBPHI950500100000000
122.Barry Church, SDAL332500000000600
123.Keenan Robinson, LBWAS432500000000000
124.George Johnson, DEDET305500000000000
125.Robert Blanton, SMIN841500000000000
126.Allen Bailey, DEKCC432500000001100
127.Byron Maxwell, CBSEA7606003000001100
128.Tommie Campbell, DBTEN860600100000000
129.Brent Grimes, CBMIA160600000000000
130.Frank Zombo, LBKCC542600000000000
131.Jarius Wynn, DEBUF560629100000000
132.Jerrell Powe, NTHOU551600000000000
133.Greg Scruggs, DESEA851623100000000
134.Darian Stewart, DBBAL560600000000000
135.Craig Steltz, SCHI851600000000000
136.Mike Patterson, DTNYG4336117000000000
137.Andre Fluellen, DTDET215600000000000
138.Nate Chandler, DTCAR542600100001000
139.Brandon Meriweather, FSWAS1347002125000000
140.Ras-I Dowling, CBNYJ452700100000000
141.Karl Klug, DETEN6437 3.520100000000
142.Glenn Dorsey, DLSFO443700000000000
143.Jonathan Freeny, LBMIA952700000000000
144.Anthony Gaitor, CBTBB461700500000000
145.Daryl Smith, LBBAL361700000000000
146.Adrian Tracy, LBARI752716000000000
147.Kevin Rutland, DBKCC461700000000000
148.Steve McLendon, DTPIT743728000010000
149.David Sims, SSIND862800100000000
150.Alan Ball, CBJAX771800300000000

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