2012 Defensive Leaders
Season Stats
51.Lawrence Timmons, LBPIT1675311066515380121100
52.Derek Wolfe, DEDEN13261440641200000000
53.Dwan Edwards, DECAR15302757634200010000
54.Carlos Dunlap, DECIN14347416553114143200
55.Chandler Jones, DENEP13242145633500030000
56.Kendall Reyes, DESDC16171229 5.534100000000
57.Quinton Coples, DENYJ1422830 5.541200000000
58.Zach Brown, LBTEN16682492 5.52953156212600
59.Brandon Graham, LBPHI1330838 5.533100021000
60.Nick Fairley, DTDET1126834 5.538100021000
61.Wesley Woodyard, LBTEN157044114 5.54863400111200
62.Fletcher Cox, DTPHI1432739 5.530400010000
63.Marcell Dareus, DTBUF16261339 5.539600001000
64.Junior Galette, LBNOS915318522000010000
65.Jared Odrick, DEMIA1626935529200000000
66.Haloti Ngata, NTBAL13331750551100000000
67.Jason Worilds, LBPIT1018422530200000000
68.Muhammad Wilkerson, DLNYJ163832705254000312110
69.Dwight Freeney, LBSDC1110212524100010000
70.Gerald McCoy, DTTBB1523730535200011000
71.Kyle Williams, NTBUF16271946530200000000
72.Arthur Jones, DEIND14272047 4.530000010000
73.Brett Keisel, DEPIT15262046 4.520100001000
74.Jo-Lonn Dunbar, LBSTL168824112 4.5414263020000
75.Mike Neal, DEGBP78311 4.536000000000
76.Lamarr Houston, DECHI16481967 4.537200011000
77.Dannell Ellerbe, LBMIA13662389 4.530200000000
78.Randy Starks, DTMIA1418927 4.521414000000
79.Frostee Rucker, DEARI15291948422100010000
80.Michael Brockers, DTSTL11201131419100010000
81.Sam Acho, LBARI16321244418322020000
82.Jerry Hughes, LBBUF14211132418100000000
83.Jason Hatcher, DEWAS16272451423100001010
84.LaMarr Woodley, DEOAK112711384211111011000
85.Justin Tuck, DEOAK14271845425100000000
86.Kroy Biermann, DEATL16311546416000000000
87.Linval Joseph, DTMIN163326594170000121600
88.Larry Foote, LBARI167538113429200022000
89.O'Brien Schofield, LBSEA726834437000000000
90.Dont'a Hightower, LBNEP14431760421300002610
91.Cullen Jenkins, DTNYG1423427424100011000
92.Perry Riley Jr., LBWAS167055125 3.524700011000
93.Olivier Vernon, DEMIA1418523 3.521000000000
94.D'Qwell Jackson, LBIND166351114 3.557231122000
95.Matt Shaughnessy, DEARI1325631 3.530000000000
96.Tyson Alualu, DTJAX16341145 3.522100001000
97.Koa Misi, LBMIA14471360 3.516200010000
98.Jonathan Babineaux, DTATL1525631 3.51651-20111510
99.Karl Klug, DETEN6437 3.520100000000
100.Connor Barwin, LBPHI1634943315500001001

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