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There's only one thing better than getting to the parking lot as early as possible and kicking the morning off with a breakfast by the tailgate: going to a college game that allows you to park your RV a day or two before and waking up on gameday in prime tailgate breakfast position. You know you've arrived as a tailgater when you spent 10 hours on the road in an RV and then whip together an entire day's worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner in the great outdoors.
It's one of the main reasons why we actual enjoy the college football experience much more than the pro football experience. College tailgates start earlier, last longer and end later than pro tailgates. Pro stadiums are often wedged into urban areas and offer limited tailgate space. College stadiums usually sit on verdant fields surrounded by hills and sheep and offer seemingly endless tailgate space. (Did we mention the sheep?) Pro stadium parking lots typically open five hours before kickoff. That might seem like plenty of time to the average tailgater, but it's crunch time at the college football tailgate. The parking lots at Penn State, for example, open at 6 p.m. Thursday. In the SEC, it's not uncommon to see people roll into the next southern cowtown on Tuesday for a Saturday game.
Those people know how to tailgate. Suffice it to say, breakfast is a key component of the hardcore tailgaters repertoire. Here's a handful of easy-to-do breakfast dishes that will impress your parking lot neighbors. Expect more to follow very soon.
Some of our other breakfast favorites, meanwhile, are found in other sections of the site. In the CHFF Smokehouse, you'll find our recipes for pork sausage, smoky homemade bacon and smoked venison breakfast sausage. We also frequently turn one of our all-time Gameday Favorites, smoky venison chili, into breakfast by pouring it over a biscuit and topping it off with a couple of eggs.

Cincinnati-style goetta (breakfast meatloaf)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 7, 2010

Jack Daniel's breakfast butter

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 11, 2008

We stumbled across this bourbon-laced butter on, of all places, the island of Nantucket. It's a great addition to the tailgate chef's breakfast repertoire.

Reader recipe: sausage-coated, deep-fried eggs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 5, 2007

Steelers fan Patrick Fox knows the way into our hearts: wrap an orb of cholesterol in some sausage, then deep fry it. Say no more, Patrick. You had us at “sausage-coated.”

Louisiana pain perdu (French toast)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 16, 2007

Breakfast is one of our three favorite meals.

Biscuits & gravy

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 31, 2006

Hot homemade donuts

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 31, 2006

Corned beef hash

Cold, Hard Football Facts for March 16, 2006

Chicken & waffles (PA Dutch style)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 27, 2005

Leave it to those industrious Pennsylvania Dutch to give us a breakfast doused in chicken gravy.

Martha's Vineyard spicy chicken hash

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 9, 2005

The magic of tailgate biscuits

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 31, 2005


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