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Remember in college they had something called the "freshman 15"? College freshmen could expect to pack on 15 pounds their first semester away from home, hitting the peace pipe a few times a week and then gorging themselves on pizza, soda, beer and nachos. (Our favorite freshman dish was the "chixwich." It was supposed to be some sort of fried chicken sandwich, but note that the actual word "chicken" is conveniently missing from the name.)
The 225 Club encounters a similar phenomenon each tailgate season: we call it the "football 50." It's the amount of weight we can pack on pounding down gameday favorites like venison chili, Angry's Hank's ribs and homemade donuts. Don't laugh. It has happened to us.
You might say the "football 50" is a sad commentary on our sedentary lifestyle. We think it's a glowing testament to the quality of our hot, tasty tailgate treats. Rest assured, there's no "chix" in our dishes. Just real meat and the occasional vegetable.
(LEGAL DISCLAIMER: By visiting this section and cooking our gameday favorites, you resolve to hold the Cold, Hard Football Facts, its writers, contributors, owners, producers, advisors, directors, hangers-on and resident random drunks blameless for any rapid weight gain you may encounter during this or any other football season from here into perpetuity.)

Kick off the New Year with a pot of hoppin' John

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 31, 2011

Rough year with your fantasy league? Our recipe for hoppin' John will ensure that your picks for this year will come through, as well as anything else you might need help with.

CHFF Tailgate Team: Texans-Saints call for alligator tacos

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 22, 2011

New Orleans and Houston clash this weekend on the football field. But their food food gets along just fine. Marvel this weekend as Cajun and Tex-Mex join forces for a taco unlike any other.

Meet women! Make our super-easy tailgate shrimp

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 25, 2011

Avoid tailgating burnout and be the envy of your tailgating neighbors with this simple but extremely tasty recipe for spicy shrimp. Hell, we even teach you some domestic skills to help you win over the L-A-D-I-E-S.

Tailgate treats: When soda and chicken meet

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 3, 2011

Watching football never gets old. Ordering the same Buffalo wings every time you watch the game does. So, if you're not a mindless automaton, try this recipe for "Cola Wings," which are the most delicious byproduct of soda this side of a rum-and-coke.

Game On! Super Bowl Buffalo wings

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 28, 2010

New England smoked cod & lobster chowder

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 6, 2010

Easy tailgate classic: beer-braised short ribs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 12, 2009

A perfect dish: one that's super easy and super tasty.

Rhode Island clam chowder (yup, you heard us right)

Cold, Hard Football Facts for August 28, 2009

Rhode Island has a long list of unique culinary specialties. But our favorite might be its tasty clear-broth clam chowder.

Deep-fried Buffalo bacon cheeseballs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for July 15, 2009

Gooey cheese, wrapped in bacon, coated in crab-cake breadcrumbs, and then deep fried to your heart's delight.

Old-fashioned Baltimore crab boil

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 8, 2009

We learn how to do an old-fashioned Baltimore crab boil from one of the city's legendary crab shacks.


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