Week 3 broadcast maps: Bungles (!) steal top billing on CBS; Falcons-Pats tops on Fox

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 24, 2009

Our weekly look at which markets are getting what games from the networks, courtesy of the gang at the506.com. They're interesting because they tell us what match-ups are valuable to the networks.
It's a tough early slate for CBS: the Chiefs-Eagles match-up gets the widest distribution in the timeslot, across much of middle America and the Atlantic seaboard. But Titans-Jets is the most attractive battle, and draws the top crew of the early bill in Gumble-Dierdorf. Baltimore's inevitable destruction of the Browns will be seen in only regional markets, as will the Jaguars-Texans battle.
There's a lot of love this week for the Bungles: locked in a battle for life in the AFC North against the defending champs, the Cincy-Pittsburgh games earns CBS's top tandem of Nantz-Simms, along with coverage across most of the eastern half of the country. We'l hear echoes of 1981 as Enberg-Fouts call the Fins-Flashes game, but only in the extremities of the nation. Denver-Oakland will be seen around almost half the country, but in few major media markets.
With just a single slot, either late or early, to broadcast its entire slate of games for the second straight week, the Fox broadcast map is a colorful collage that reminds us of the brown acid at Woodstock.
The attractive inter-conference Falcons-Patriots showdown earns the No. 1 crew of Buck-Aikman, and will be seen throughout most of the East Coast, along with Texas and the Plains and Mountain states (go figure that part). Giants-Bucs get the No. 2 team of Albert-Johnston-Siragusa, but only limited regional coverage.
Be thankful if you live in Detroit: the Redskins-Lions did not sell out, so you don't have to watch it.

Instead, you get the 49ers-Vikings donnybrook. It's the game of the week in our book. But apparently Fox does not feel the same way, because it's sending the D team (Rosen-Ryan) to call the battle.

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