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Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 07, 2013

Forget about Bye Week replacements and injured superstars. None of that matters for our Week 10 Fantasy Football contest at DraftKings.com.

You spoke up and our Football Nation.com crew listened. Our 50-person contest is back for Week 10.

It’s only $10 to enter and the Top 10 finalists all win money. You'll find the winning lineup from Week 8 over to the right. Think you can put together a winning lineup like that? 

You won’t find better odds anywhere else in the world of Daily Fantasy Football.

The prize breakdown is:

1st place: $116 and a Fantasy Millionaire Qualifier Ticket ($109 value)

2nd Place: $100

3rd-5th Place: $25

6th-10th Place: $20

The scoring is typical PPR with bonuses for 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing or receiving.  

By now you should know the drill. You pick a brand spanking new team every week. Pick any players you want, just make sure you pick and choose wisely since you must stay within the limits of the budget. Luckily when it comes to choosing wisely, we help you out. Below you’ll find the Best Buy and Over Priced players. Use our list to help find some bargains for your Week 10 lineup.

Click here to get in on the Week 10 contest. 


Best Buy QBs:

Matthew Stafford vs. Bears: $8,300

Philip Rivers vs. Broncos: $8,300

Eli Manning vs. Raiders: $7,700

ABSOLUTE STEAL: Jake Locker vs. Jaguars: $6,600

HIGH RISK LOW PRICE: Mike Glennon vs. Dolphins 


Over Priced QBs:

Cam Newton vs. 49ers: $8,800

Nick Foles vs. Packers: $8,300

Matt Ryan vs. Seahawks: $7,200

Ryan Tannehill vs. Buccaneers: $6,500


Best Buy RBs:

Reggie Bush vs. Bears: $7,100

Danny Woodhead vs. Broncos: $5,600

Pierre Thomas vs. Cowboys: $5,200

ABSOLUTE STEAL: CJ Spiller vs. Steelers: $5,200

HIGH RISK LOW PRICE: Andre Brown vs. Raiders: $3,800


Over Priced RBs:

Arian Foster vs. Cardinals: $7,300

DeMarco Murray vs. Saints: $6,700

Maurices Jones-Drew vs. Titans: $5,700

Steven Jackson vs. Seahawks: $5,200


Best Buy WRs:

Wes Welker/Demaryius Thomas/Eric Decker: $7,400-$7,100

Victor Cruz vs. Raiders: $6,800

Keenan Allen vs. Broncos: $6,000

Cecil Shorts vs. Titans: $5,400

ABSOLUTE STEAL: Lance Moore vs. Cowboys: $4,000

HIGH RISK LOW PRICE: Cole Beasley vs. Saints: $3,300


Over Priced WRs:

Andre Johnson vs. Cardinals: $8,100

DeSean Jackson vs. Packers: $7,700

James Jones vs. Packers: $5,900

Mike Wallace vs. Buccaneers: $5,400


Best Buy TEs:

Jason Witten vs. Saints: $6,000

Tim Wright vs. Dolphins: $5,100

Martellus Bennett vs. Lions: $4,200

ABSOLUTE STEAL: Coby Fleener vs. Colts: $3,700

HIGH RISK LOW PRICE: Scott Chandler vs. Steelers: $3,400


Over Priced TEs:

Tony Gonzalez vs. Seahawks: $6,400

Charles Clay vs. Buccaneers: $4,300

Brandon Pettigrew vs. Beards: $3,800


Best Defenses:

49ers vs. Panthers: $4,900

Titans vs. Jaguars: $4,000

Broncos vs. Chargers: $3,900

Giants vs. Raiders: $3,200


Good luck and go win some money. 

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