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Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 17, 2009

(Ed. note: Baseball has its TWIB notes while the average CHFF reader made his way through high school and community college thanks to those venerable old Cliffs Notes. In fact, if not for Cliffs Notes, we never would have appreciated the works of Stanley Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe, the guy who invented poetry. Now we have our TWIF notes – This Week in Football – our new weekly wrap-up of the best stats, data and facts from the week that was the CHFF. See our most recent TWIB notes here.)
The Steelers have produced more 100-yard rushing performances (234) than any team in NFL history. The first was by future Supreme Court justice Byron "Whizzer" White, who ran for 116 yards against the Brooklyn Dodgers back in 1938.
Home teams have won just 20 of 38 playoff games since 2005 (52.6%). They won 190 of 270 playoff games (70.4%) from the merger in 1970 until the realignment that followed the 2001 season.
The beloved Philly cheesesteak was invented by sandwich-maker Pat Olivieri in 1930. We have the recipe!
Steelers defensive coordinator and zone blitz prophet Dick LeBeau played cornerback for the Lions in a secondary that featured three different Hall of Famers: Yale Lary, Night Train Lane and Lem Barney.
The CHFF Defensive Hog Index has correctly identified 18 of 19 playoff winners since it was introduced last year.
Credit the playoff success of Arizona and Philly to stellar pass defense – the Cardinals have held their two postseason opponents to a combined 47.4 passer rating; the Eagles, 43.3.
Five of CHFF's eight Quality Stats have outperformed the Vegas favorites over the past two postseasons.
Tony Dungy retired with the eighth best winning percentage in NFL history.
Entering the 2008-09 NFC title game, the Cardinals and Eagles have split their 113 previous meetings, 54-54-5.
Teams that threw more INTs than their opponents went 0-3 in the divisional round.

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