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Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 21, 2008

(Ed. note: Baseball has its TWIB notes while the average CHFF reader made his way through high school and community college thanks to those venerable old Cliffs Notes. In fact, if not for Cliffs Notes, we never would have appreciated the works of Stanley Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe, the guy who invented poetry. Now we have our TWIF notes – This Week in Football – our new weekly wrap-up of the best stats, data and facts from the week that was the CHFF. See last week's TWIF notes here.)
Our latest Mail Pouch features plenty of praise for the omnipotent pigskin power of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, not to mention a few choice criticisms from you, our loyal Trolls.
The Bengals are 1-9-1 and might go down as the worst team in the history of an inept franchise littered with bad teams.
Old gunslinger Brett Favre, the player we affectionately dubbed Old Yeller so many years ago, has suddenly become an efficient, mistake-free passer. He's completed 76.9 percent of his passes with 0 picks in New York's last two games, while propelling the Jets up our Power Rankings.
Overtime in the NFL sucks any way you slice it up. But losing the OT toss is not the death sentence whiny football fans make it out to be. In fact, teams that win the toss have won just 53.2 percent of all overtime games.
A blown call at the end of the San Diego-Pittsburgh game in Week 11, which the NFL later admitted was a mistake, proved a big boon for bookies and cost bettors $64 million.
New England's defensive passer rating this year of 92.9 might sound familiar to Patriots fans: 92.9 is also Tom Brady's career passer rating. Blame bad drafts for New England's worst pass defense of the Belichick Era.
Titans QB Kerry Collins is no stranger to 10-0. He led Penn State and its prolific offense to a 12-0 record and a Rose Bowl championship back in 1994.
The Rivalry Weekend battle between Texas Tech and Oklahoma pits two of the most explosive offenses ever to step on a field together. The Red Raiders score 47.9 PPG and generate 571 YPG; the Sooners score 51.4 PPG and crank out 5557 YPG.  
There's no doubt the Titans and Giants are the two best teams in football. Even our Relativity Index puts the two teams in a statistical dead heat.  
The Eagles are the most curious specimen to step on an NFL field since Michael Jackson did the halftime show of Super Bowl XXVII (with like 3,000 children, too). They look so good on paper, but so bumbling on the field, as evidenced by their 13-13 tie with the Bengals last week.
The six worst passing teams in football are a combined 8-52-1 (.139) following Cincy's loss to Pittsburgh Thursday night.

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