The CHFF all-star title-game weekend tailgate

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 15, 2009

Looking to tailgate Troll style on championship weekend?
Here are some of our favorite dishes from each championship town ... or, actually, from three of the four championship towns. Seeing that the Cardinals haven't exactly appeared in many title games since 1948 (and by not many, we mean zero), we're a little under-prepared in the Arizona tailgate dish category.
Real-deal Baltimore crab boil – We just picked up these tips for a true Baltimore crab boil the other day, straight from the gang at O'Brycki's.
Old Bay blackened scallops – Old Bay should be considered the official spice mix of Baltimore: it was created there just before the war by a German immigrant with real good timing. Here's how one of the nation's best chefs uses it to make blackened scallops.
Don Shula's steak seasoning – The famous coach's years in Baltimore actually came up twice this week, in our story about Dick LeBeau and our look at the injustice of realignment. So we figured we'd throw out his steakhouse seasoning for old time's sake.
Philly cheesesteaks – We just published this the other day, straight from the South Philly family that invented this American icon. Awesome!
Hog Maw – This is an old-school backwoods Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for roast pig stomach.
Chicken & waffles – Another Pennsylvania Dutch specialty from our pal, beer writer Lew Bryson.
Yuengling Brewery – The Pottsville brewery, the oldest in America, is an institution in Southeastern PA.
The Roethlisburger – Of course! One of the all-time favorite CHFF tailgate dishes.
Drinking in Pittsburgh – Before Super Bowl XL, Sud Stud Lew Bryson took CHFF readers on a beer-drinking tour of Steel Town.
Steely McWings Hot Wings – Steelers fan MJ of the blog SteelyMcStupid shot us this recipe for juicy-hot wings over the summer.
Tequila hot wings – OK, they're not from Arizona. In fact, the Tequila region of Mexico, where they distill this world-famous spirit, is nowhere near Arizona. But Arizona isn't exactly a culinary hot bed in and of itself. So, this is about as close as we can get in terms of a regional culinary icon.
Tequila with Sammy Hagar – Cocktail recipes straight from the Red Rocker. See "tequila hot wings" above for the reason.

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