Borges responds

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Apr 19, 2005

Dear Sir,

Received your e-mail and can only tell you this. The contract was posted on the NFLPA website two days after the start of free agency, a site I check daily. I believe she now says it was March 7. I, and others, read it and discussed the particulars of this deal on March 4, all wondering who in their right mind would recommend signing so quickly a deal that paid minimum salaries and so little bonus money.

It is difficult for me to believe that the union posts such contracts for my eyes only several days in advance of Kristen. Perhaps it did not appear on her site until three days later but that is unlikely.

Kristen and I shared e-mails after the article appeared and respectfully disagreed on the wisdom of that contract and signing Pass so quickly to a minimum deal, especially when a day or two later a FB of equal or some would argue lesser talent got four times the bonus money. I'm sure you fellows will find some way to say Pass got a better deal than his peer in Houston however, which is your perogative.

All the best,
Ron Borges

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