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Cold, Hard Football Facts for Oct 07, 2004

Ron Borges of The Boston Globe went on TV last week and called Patriots fans "idiots" if they think Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. In the next breath, Borges completely contradicted himself by saying he'd rather have Brady on his team if he wanted to win a big game.
Honorary angry troll and Cold, Hard Football Facts fan Jeff Dyer was incensed by the insult, and stupefied by Borges' inexplicable John Kerry-style double-speak. Dyer brought his concerns directly to Borges and proceeded to pummel him behind the woodshed in a colorful exchange of e-mails (see the entirety of the exchange below).
Dyer ultimately broke out the Cold, Hard Football Facts and proved through the all-knowing inalterable reality of raw numbers something many Bostonians have long suspected: Borges has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to football. Dyer believes Borges is driven by an anti-Patriots agenda because the organization must have wronged him in the past.
Borges, by the way, seems to be one of the few in the football media still clinging to the notion that a guy who can't win the big game is better than a two-time Super Bowl MVP. Also, see the notes at the bottom of the page that explain Borges' stunning ignorance of Manning's college career, too. Our advice to Borges: come on, drink the Kool-Aid. It tastes so good.
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From: Dyer, Jeffrey
To: ''
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 8:53 AM
Subject: Manning Rumpswab
Your appearance on NESN's Sports Extra was very insightful. It allowed me to see once and for all what a mental midget you actually are. Imagine saying that anyone starting a franchise who chooses Brady over Manning is an "idiot" but then going on to say, "but if you want a guy to win the next game on Sunday, you probably want Brady." The last time I checked the clear-cut choice is the QB who gives you the best chance to win. You are a moron. Did you mean you would choose Manning if you were starting a "fantasy franchise?" I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood. My bad. You're like Dan Rather. I think you're past your prime and you're simply spewing biased gibberish on a regular basis because the Patriots wronged you at some point. I think you should retire and leave the Boston sports scene for good...YOU TOOL!


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From: []
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 9:06 AM
To: Dyer, Jeffrey
Subject: Re: Manning Rumpswab

Dear Jeffrey Dyer,
You need to contact your e-mail provider because apparently someone has stolen your address and is sending out idiotic and obscene e-mails with your name signed to them. You couldn't possibly be as obtuse as whomever wrote the e-mail signed with your name. Anyone who is starting an NFL franchise and would take Tom Brady over Peyton Manning simply knows nothing about the game or what it takes to build a franchise. One can certainly understand cheerleading but to believe Brady has more talent than Manning is to simply be blind to the facts. Then again, whoever sent that e-mail under your name probably would also say he'd rather have Tedy Bruschi over Ray Lewis if he was looking for an inside linebacker.
All the best and I hope you can fully investigate the theft of your e-mail sending abilities and get it rectified before that idiot continues to spew out such absurdities under your good name.
All the best,
Ron Borges
-----Original Message-----
From: Dyer, Jeffrey
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 9:12 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Manning Rumpswab

You would be an unbelievable franchise owner: starting a franchise and automatically being in cap trouble with a QB who can't win a big game. Wow, where do I buy my season tickets? Seriously, think about moving down to Del Boca Vista, hopping in a golf cart and eating your meals through a straw. Other than that keep up the good work.

Jeffrey Dyer
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From: []
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 9:46 AM
To: Dyer, Jeffrey
Subject: Re: Manning Rumpswab

Dear Jeffrey,
Let me get this right? If you get to the conference championship game you never won a big game? What's your definition of a big game? Only ones that involve the Patriots? Ever cross your mind that the Patriots may have had the better team vs. Manning? Why is it always one guy's fault or one guy's responsibility if a team wins a game? I suppose Jake Delahomme didn't win a "big game'' last year either? Folks like you make me laugh when you say such absurd things.
I suppose Dan Marino never won a big game and Elway never won a big game until he was 38 and Walter Payton never won a big game until the Super Bowl, in which he played only a secondary role by the way. Are you kidding me or are you just a dyed in the wool homer? I suppose Cabrera is a better shortstop than Garciaparra, too. Thanks for reading ... and reading ... and watching ... and writing ... and reading some more.
Ron Borges

----- Original Message -----
From: Dyer, Jeffrey
To: ''
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 10:18 AM
Subject: RE: Manning Rumpswab

Thanks for spending time with me on this wonderful morning. Apparently I have struck a nerve, seeing as you probably get called out like this over, and over, and over, and over. I actually never read your column, because I don't read the Globe. I just happened to come across the transcript of the show via the internet. Anyone who deals in FACTS knows that when the games counted, Marino's play dropped of considerably, ala, Peyton Manning. Marino had a regular season rating of 86.4. In the playoffs? Just 77.1. How sad. He had plenty of talent around him, as well as some good defenses. The problem is he just never elevated his play when it counted, ala, Peyton Manning. Marino won just 8 of 18 playoff games and threw two or more interceptions in 10 of his 18 playoff games. He lost nine of those 10 games. Now to Manning, chew on these Facts, courtesy of

• Manning has posted his highest cumulative passer rating in October
• Manning has posted his lowest cumulative passer rating in the playoffs
• Five times in six years, Manning played his worst football in December, January, or the playoffs.
• Only once did Manning reverse the trend, playing his best ball late and worst ball early. That was in 1998, his first year in the league
• In a career spanning 102 games, Manning's three worst performances came in December and January (two of them in the playoffs).
• He plays in a dome
The above FACTS are not a coincidence. Larry Bird wasn't the most talented either, so if you were to start a franchise would you start it with Bird or Iverson? Keep in mind Iverson has more talent. You need to stop confusing talent with winning. You start your franchise with Marino or Manning and I'll start mine with Brady or Montana and we'll see you in the Super Bowl, if you get there.
I refuse to even address the Garciappara comment as that is just plain silly, seeing how the Red Sox immediately started winning when he left town. We all know what happened when Mr. Happy left town.
Take it easy Pal.
[A post-pummeling observation from the Cold, Hard Football Facts: Borges demonstrated a stunning ignorance of Manning's football career and clings hopelessly to the notion that a couple big games in September and October makes you a great quarterback. We know this because Borges went so far as to invoke Manning's underachieving college career. The Cold, Hard Football Facts know that Manning's "can't win the big game" reputation began, of course, during his days at Tennessee. Manning lit up the highlight reels against Vanderbilt and Kentucky, but could never beat nemesis Florida. (Sound familiar, Indy fans?). It's not because Florida was always better. It was because Manning did not play well against Florida, much like he routinely plays poorly in the NFL playoffs. Manning did throw for nine touchdowns in 157 career attempts against Florida, but handicapped his team with six interceptions, including four in the 1996 game.
[As Borges indicated, Manning did win one conference title in his four years at Tennessee, but the season ended with a disastrous 42-17 loss to Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Manning threw for just 134 yards in that game and was replaced by the immortal Tee Martin, who completed 4 of 4 passes, including one for a touchdown and another for a two-point conversion.
[The most damning indictment of Manning's big-game failures in college is this: Tennessee won the national title the year after Manning left, when they were led by Martin.
[Borges also fails to realize that at a similar point in their respective careers, Brady actually has better statistics than Manning. This is something the Manning-ites refuse to acknowledge.]


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