Battle CHFF In FFSlots: The Fantasy Football Slot Machine

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 07, 2012

Rob GronkowskiYou know we love breaking down the data as if we were rendering fat for our biscuits.

But we also – if we suffered the weakness of human emotion – would love having a little fun each weekend engaging in mindless games of chance.

Enter, our new Fantasy Football Slot Machine. It’s quick, fun, free and easy, kind of like all our ex-girlfriends.

Spin the reels. Pick a team! I already picked my team, representing CHFF.

We’ve also just created our own Cold, Hard Football Facts league within for CHFF readers.

So here’s the deal: go into, spin the reels and pick your team.

When you’re done it will ask you to “join or create” a league. Hit that button and enter “CHFF” when it asks for the league code.

Bingo, We are now mortal FFSlots enemies.

Like any slot machine, it’s really a game of chance more than skill. But also a fun and easy way to pick a team. winners get cash prizes. We may set up our own prizes just for CHFF players, but, quite frankly, haven’t got that far yet.

In the meantime, spin up and enjoy.

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