Cold, Hard Football Facts Archive: Pigskin Detention

Here in Pigskin Detention, we have compiled all of your favorite smackdowns of the most idiotic writers, broadcasters and opinions in sports today.

Relive the classic moments in Pigskin Detention history: from the first time we called out Pete Prisco, to the moment his lily liver ran yella with fear of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, to the habitual assault on journalistic ethics that passed for a Ron Borges's football column, to our broad-daylight mugging of Skip Bayless in "A slow, hanging curveball" – the most lopsided rout on record since USMC vs. Saddam Hussein and the single greatest gridiron exposé in history. More recently, we've hung Mel Kiper's "expertise" out to dry, like a dirty jizz rag after a long overdue spin through the hot cycle.

But there's much, much more to be found here in the dank, dirty cells of Pigskin Detention, where the thin shell of credibility is torn open in our torture chambers of truth, revealing only the hollow bodies of baseless opinions.


Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 26, 2011

This week's edition of Pigskin Detention has contracted Tebow Hysteria. Brace yourselves for a Tebow onslaught. If you need help, call our hotline at 1-800-TEBOWS.

Deion Sanders, Chris Berman and the mystery of Bruce Gradkowski

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 18, 2011

A week after putting his faith in Rex Grossman, Deion Sanders remained silent after Week 6. And quick, someone alert the folks in Bristol that Bruce Gradkowski does not play for the Oakland Raiders.

A wave of (ex-)teammate on teammate crime

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 12, 2011

Antonio Pierce, Tedy Bruschi, Joe Namath and Deion Sanders have been unafraid to enter the circle of second guessers. Plus, check out what NFL coaches were doing on Facebook following their Week 5 games!

Tony Romo: the pundits giveth, the pundits taketh away

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 5, 2011

This edition of Pigskin Detention shows the callous, mean spirit of the pundits. One week Tony Romo is the toast of the town; the next, he's toast. Burnt toast.

Pigskin Detention: Quarterbacks gone wild!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 28, 2011

Dilfer, Esiason, Namath, Romo, Vick and Young come together for this week's Pigskin Detention in a steaming cauldron of loose talk, pained body parts and overall pomposity.

Pigskin Detention: It's Vickpalooza 2011!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for September 20, 2011

Al Michaels should definitely stay after school after putting Michael Vick in the same sentence as Henry Aaron. Do you believe in Pigskin Detention? YES!

Pigskin Detention: open season on Jay Cutler

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 26, 2011

It's open season on Jay Cutler. The "unprecedented" attack is what happens when a player spends years cultivating an image of douchery and then hands the "pundits" a huge opportunity. Hey, his is a guy who joined the NFL wearing a bowl cut, almost as bad as Aaron Rodgers' porn-stache.

Pigskin Detention: time to punish instant replay officials

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 23, 2011

Pigskin Detention: Rodgers battles Bears, King Kong

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 19, 2011

Last week in Pigskin Detention, we learned of Aaron Rodgers’ successful battle against the disappearing "pundit" monkey. But now, according to the "pundits," Rodgers faces something more formidable than the Bears. He must battle King Kong, too. We can't make this stuff up.

Pigskin Detention: Fox, Pereira flagged for roughing the viewer

Cold, Hard Football Facts for January 9, 2011

Former head of NFL officials Mike Pereira has become a cast member for the "NFL on Fox" production. That's bad news for you, the football fans, as Fox is now guilty of roughing the viewer with the broadcast equivalent of a drive-killing penalty.


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