Cold, Hard Football Facts Archive: Pigskin Detention

Here in Pigskin Detention, we have compiled all of your favorite smackdowns of the most idiotic writers, broadcasters and opinions in sports today.

Relive the classic moments in Pigskin Detention history: from the first time we called out Pete Prisco, to the moment his lily liver ran yella with fear of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, to the habitual assault on journalistic ethics that passed for a Ron Borges's football column, to our broad-daylight mugging of Skip Bayless in "A slow, hanging curveball" – the most lopsided rout on record since USMC vs. Saddam Hussein and the single greatest gridiron exposé in history. More recently, we've hung Mel Kiper's "expertise" out to dry, like a dirty jizz rag after a long overdue spin through the hot cycle.

But there's much, much more to be found here in the dank, dirty cells of Pigskin Detention, where the thin shell of credibility is torn open in our torture chambers of truth, revealing only the hollow bodies of baseless opinions.

Merril Hoge, Terry Bradshaw and Pete Prisco: it's a Pundit Pro Bowl

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 28, 2011

Drew Brees and the Saints need more class according to several pundits. And Merril Hoge? He just needs to stay after class for acting up yet again. It's the latest edition of Pigskin Detention filled with a Pro Bowl roster of pundits.

Pigskin Detention: Esquire should stick to 'other'

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 19, 2011

A rip job on Tim Tebow that doesn't really hold water (holy or otherwise) suggests that maybe this is why Esquire Magazine doesn't really do sports after all ...

Pigskin Detention: Bryan Burwell needs to sit in time out

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 15, 2011

Steve Spagnuolo vs. Bill Belichick. Who ya got? St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell is not so sure. Or something like that. Strap in for one of the most bizarre columns since the last one.

Pigskin Detention: The Chronicles of Tebow

Cold, Hard Football Facts for December 13, 2011

God is everywhere! He's helping the Tebow in the NFL and breaking down sports barriers by helping Albert Pujols.

Twitter warfare and the scrambling quarterback double standard

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 30, 2011

This week's Pigskin Detention delves into the dangerous world of football Twitter Warfare. And where are the battle cries from the Monday Night Countdown pundits for late hits on quarterbacks that don't render a flag? Fight with us: dive right in!

BREAKING NEWS: Jordy Nelson is white!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 21, 2011

The Packers wide receiver is averaging nearly 20 yards per reception. And get this: he's white! Shhh. Hear that? Jordy Nelson is sneaking up on us. He's got that "deceptive speed." Patrick Imig explores in this week's Pigskin Detention.

Pigskin Detention: Steve Mariucci not sure where he came from

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 15, 2011

The NFC West sends out a memo to the rest of the league, Steve Mariucci fails to do his homework and you'll never guess what Michael Irvin wants in his Christmas stocking.

Pigskin Detention: Eli Manning's first name now short for Elite

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 8, 2011

The Pundits have officially granted Giants quarterback Eli Manning elite status. And they're about to host another elite initiation for Joe Flacco.

The Chris Myers and Tim Ryan Halloween Bash

Cold, Hard Football Facts for November 3, 2011

Pigskin Detention gets highjacked in Halloween hijinx. You have been warned.

Detroit team report: Traveling to Tebowland to Face the Broncos

Cold, Hard Football Facts for October 29, 2011

The Detroit Lions travel to finish the first half of their season against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.


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