Yankees 'Sweet Caroline' Boston Tribute: 'A' For Effort; Not So Much For Performance

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Apr 17, 2013

The New York Yankees saluted Boston Tuesday night with favorite Fenway sing-along "Sweet Caroline"


Yankees and Red Sox fans mix like cocaine and martinis. Best to keep them apart. But in wake of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, the New York Yankees, among other sports teams, saluted Boston with a rendition of "Sweet Caroline" Tuesday night.

The old Neil Diamond song is the popular seventh-inning stretch sing-along at Fenway Park. How it got to be a Red Sox song is something of a mystery. The Caroline Kennedy connection is a little too loose to explain it.

But whatever. It is what it is. "Hang On Sloopy" is the Ohio States Buckeyes song; "Swingtown" is the Wisconsin Badgers sing-along.  Some things don't need explaining.

Credit to Yankees fans for making the effort to pay tribute to Boston in its moment of crisis. They get an A for effort.

The performance is another story: It began awkwardly at first, but they eventually got into the swing of things, even if a little tepid by Fenway standards. All in the spirit of national harmony, even across barriers of ancient sport rivalry.

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